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Extra X Truck Training

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Extra X Truck Training is a part of the Extra X Transportation Inc. and was established in 1994. The institution offers Az and Dz Truck Driving programs that train the students to be safe and responsible drivers. Extra X Truck Training also offers the air brake course which is mandated by the Ontario Safety League and Ministry of Transportation.

The students at Extra X Truck Training are trained to be competent drivers who follow the M.T.O / U.S.D.O.T rules and regulations. The students are given training in proper load management techniques, in preparing the paper work required to be made ready and maintained by the drivers. The students are ready for a career in a growing industry in just a few weeks time. Qualified and experienced instructors train students in the classroom as well as practically in the truck giving them a comprehensive learning experience. The instructors are multi-lingual and can converse in many South Asian languages too.

At the Extra X Truck Training institution the students are trained using the latest AV equipment, projectors, etc. Successful students are offered job placement services. As one of the fastest growing industries appears to be the trucking industry, students can get employed and retain their jobs as long as they are safe drivers who follow the rules. They may get employed by national and international trucking firms or by the local firms as the need for trained drivers is ever growing.

  • "Az" Driver's Training program
  • "Dz" Driver's Training program

    Program Keywords:
  • Management, Leadership and Training
  • Truck Driver and Driving

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    1. Extra X Truck Training

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