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Modern Training Ontario

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Modern Training Ontario Inc. trains students to have successful careers as commercial truck or bus drivers. The institution offers various programs that are taught by expert and qualified instructors. The instructors are all fully certified experts with many years of practical experience. The institution offers students a chance to take up a program with up-to-date curriculum as the institution has affiliate relationship with a coast-to-coast carrier. This and the fact that the vehicles used are the latest in the field ensure that the students are trained in the latest techniques and skills.

Modern Training Ontario Inc. offers class AZ Tractor Trailer, DZ Dump Truck and Fire Truck programs. It also offers BZ School Bus, CZ Coach, G1 and G2 license programs as well as a course in Lift Truck certification. These programs are designed to instill confidence and train students to become safe professional drivers who can handle cars, trucks, trailers and buses with ease. The training prepares the students for successful careers as professionals.

At Modern Training Ontario Inc., students are trained using theory as well as practical classes that are conducted in-truck. The one-on-one time students spend in-truck helps them to handle the vehicle in a safe manner. The quality time spent on skill development helps them become better drivers who follow the rules and who are safe on the road. Students who successful complete the programs can have great careers in trucking as well as in bus firms.

  • 10 hours in vehicle Training - Pro Class G1-G2 Training
  • 27 hours in classroom instruction - Pro Class G1-G2 Training
  • Basic Mechanics - Pro Class G1-G2 Training
  • Class "A" Gold Truck Training Program
  • Class "B" School Bus Training Program
  • Class "D" Heavy Duty Truck Training Program
  • Class "D" Light Duty Truck Training Program
  • Collision free driving - Pro Class G1-G2 Training
  • Defensive Driving - Pro Class G1-G2 Training
  • Driving under winter conditions - Pro Class G1-G2 Training
  • Emergency Maneuvers - Pro Class G1-G2 Training
  • First Aid & C.P.R Certification - Pro Class G1-G2 Training
  • Highway Driving - Pro Class G1-G2 Training
  • Pro Class "A" Platinum Truck Training Program
  • Responsibility of maintaining your vehicle - Pro Class G1-G2 Training
  • Road Worthy - Pro Class G1-G2 Training
  • Rules of the Road - Pro Class G1-G2 Training
  • Truck Smart - Pro Class G1-G2 Training

    Program Keywords:
  • Automotive and Auto Technician
  • CPR and First Aid
  • General Art
  • Management, Leadership and Training
  • Truck Driver and Driving

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    1. Modern Training Ontario

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