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Practicum Training Institute

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The Practicum Training Institute offers a training program in Heavy Equipment Operator Training. The institute is located in Saskatoon. The length of the course is 240 hours and its main objective and goal is to train its students so that they are capable of handling and operating heavy equipment.

The course helps people with practically no experience to learn to handle and operate heavy duty equipment very safely. The classes are conducted in a controlled environment under the supervision of qualified faculty and instructors with Journey person status. The course combines practical training with in-class theory. About 80% of the course is actual practice while the rest 20% of the course focuses on the theory.

The course helps its students to understand the importance of personal protective equipment, makes them able to identify climate extremes, trains them in safe rigging practices and teaches them the importance of tailgate meetings and environmental concerns. The course meets industry standards and stresses on good communication skills, color code conventions, incident report forms and hand signals.

The students are also made to review the components of their equipments. They are made to study the equipment manufacturers, manuals, attachments and accessories. The course also offers knowledge in ground disturbance which is defined as any form of mechanical work, operation or activity that causes some sort of disturbance in the earth.

The course also teaches its students the OH&S regulations which are applicable for heavy equipment operations. During the course, the students are made to do pre-operational checks. They have to be able to complete a round inspecting the machinery and filling up equipment log books. They also have to fully understand the function of each and every component.

This practical course offers its students knowledge about servicing their heavy equipments. They must have knowledge of fluid levels and grease points which need to be checked daily. They are also taught safe fueling procedures. The students are also taught how to use the controls and functions of the equipment.

  • Heavy Equipment Operator Training

    Program Keywords:
  • Construction, Surveying and Building
  • Management, Leadership and Training

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    1. Practicum Training Institute

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