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Profile of Regency Dental Hygiene Academy

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Regency Dental Hygiene Academy

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Regency Dental Hygiene College is located in the heart of Toronto. The faculty at the Regency is registered dental hygienists and many of them hold baccalaureate degrees. Many lecturers at the college have Ph.D. degrees in the subject that they teach while several of them are professors at the University of Toronto. All the lecturers at the college have many years of experience in both teaching as well as clinical work.

The program at the Regency is solely for dental hygiene education. It is a diploma course that consists of three semesters, each of 23 weeks. There are 30 clinical operatories, laboratories and classrooms, library and computer rooms and also panoramic, cephalometric and digital radiography x-ray facilities. The course content is based on that of the Commission of Dental Accreditation of Canada.

The instructions at the college are evidence based to support the theories. There are community health practices which sometimes may involve mentally and physically challenged people as well as pediatric and geriatric population. This teaches the students the complete process of care and dental hygiene.

The primary aim that is taught to all students at the Regency is that they have to provide the best dental health care to the public. Thus students here are provided with relevant dental hygiene training and a special focus is given to areas such as research, health promotion and clinical therapy.

  • Computer Skills and Application
  • Dental Hygiene Principles I
  • Dental Hygiene Principles II
  • Dental Hygiene Principles III
  • Dental Materials Lab
  • Dental Office Procedures
  • Dental Radiography
  • Dental Specialties
  • English and Communication
  • Health Promotion and Community Health
  • Multiculturalism in Health Care
  • Oral and Dental Anatomy
  • Pharmacology
  • Prevention and Nutrition I
  • Prevention and Nutrition II
  • Psychology of Dental Care
  • Radiographic Interpretation
  • Research in Dental Hygiene

    Program Keywords:
  • Audio Engineering and Recording
  • Broadcasting and Reporting
  • Counselling
  • Dental Care and Dental Office
  • Dental Hygiene
  • ESL and TOEFL
  • Event Planning
  • General Computing
  • General Office
  • Graphic and Multimedia Design
  • Health Care
  • Nutrition
  • Office Management and Administration
  • Pharmacy Assistant and Technician
  • Psychology

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    1. Regency Dental Hygiene Academy

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