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Tradewinds Flight Centre

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Tradewinds Flight Centre makes learning much easier than people fear. You do not really have to become a commercial pilot to fly. You can also opt for general aviation. Today, there are thousands of people who are yearning to fly. They come from various backgrounds and have various reasons for wanting to become a pilot. Some want to develop a career in flying. Others want to expand their business opportunities. Some others fly just to have fun. Whatever the aims are, Tradewinds Flight Centre ensures that it helps you attain your goals.

Tradewinds Flight Centre offers various commercial pilot courses as well as recreational programs. To enroll yourself into any of the courses, you need to be fluent in English, pass a basic medical test and be at least fifteen years of age. The college provides an introductory flight lesson at a nominal rate of $60.00, which includes a presentation of how you can prepare your aircraft for the intended flight, taxiing the plane on the ground as well as a demonstration of the takeoff. You will be given control of the flight for the majority of time.

The pilot training course of Tradewinds Flight Centre comprises of both ground and flight courses, including the rules and regulations, flight planning, navigation, weather and radio procedures. The college has ground schools but it is not at all essential for the students to finish or even commence the ground school before starting their flying lessons. In order to get your license students need to pass the written examination that is provided by Transport Canada along with the practical flight test.

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