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Western Academy Broadcasting College

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Western Academy Broadcasting College is located in the heart of Saskatoon in Canada. This college provides an exciting career in broadcasting in various fields of entertainment. If you love talking then entertainment and media is the field which is meant for you. Entertainment is a very creative field which requires you to be innovative and versatile.

Western Academy Broadcasting College specializes in courses in broadcasting which are instructed by Professional Canadian Broadcasters. The main focus of these courses is to develop on-the-air talent which showcases every studentís ability and personality. This objective is well groomed by the principle of individual instruction within small group sessions. Through these sessions every individual gets more practice on the microphone in order to develop a different style and enhance his or her personality.

Western Academy Broadcasting College also offers voice training program which has a combination of different voice training techniques from successful broadcasters and announcers. The foundation of this course is done by lectures that take you on a journey of studio microphone techniques, script reading, successful news and sports broadcasting and last but not the least talking to the audience.

As a part of the training, students are given a chance to practice behind the microphone in the Western Academy Broadcasting College studios where they are given an opportunity to operate the on-air equipments of AM/FM. Students are given different situations to handle everyday such as sometimes a radio personality, another day a newscaster or a sports announcer to hone their skills.

  • Most Successful Voice-Training Techniques
  • News and Sports Anchoring
  • Sports Reporting
  • Studio Training
  • Television Training
  • The Newscaster & News Reporter
  • The Radio Personality
  • TV audio operator
  • Video Editing
  • Video Tape (VTR) Operator

    Program Keywords:
  • Audio Engineering and Recording
  • Broadcasting and Reporting
  • Journalism and Creative Writing
  • Management, Leadership and Training
  • Recreation, Leisure and Sports
  • Television, Film and Video Production

    Campus/School Location(s)
    1. Western Academy Broadcasting College

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