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Summer Jobs in Canada

The Job Market for Canadian Students

By: Jessica Segal

Summer job opportunities in Canada for Canadian high school students, post-secondary students in college, university or trade school, or a recent graduate.

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Whether you’re a current Canadian high school student, a post-secondary student in college, university or trade school, or a recent graduate, the summer is an excellent time to gain employment experience. A summer job can even help you narrow down your future career choices based on your likes and dislikes. There are so many different positions in a vast number of Canadian industries, as well as opportunities to go abroad. Time commitments range from part time and seasonal to full-time. When searching for a summer job, keep in mind your availability throughout the summer months. In Canada, this period typically ranges from the beginning of May until the end of August. The Internet is a great resource to facilitate your job search, from governmental to non-profit and sponsored summer employment programs and resources – if you know where to look, you’d be surprised at the opportunities you can find. This article will help to jump-start your search, going into depth about everything related to summer jobs on the net.

For starters, it can be extremely useful to consult your province or territories government website for information on legal wages, labour laws and workplace health and safety. This information is crucial to students who are not familiar with the laws of the workplace to ensure that all of their rights as an employee are met.

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Job Requirements and Application Deadlines
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Summer Jobs in Canada


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