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McGill University Law School - Careers for Students

Career and employment opportunities for students attending and/or graduating from McGill University Law School.

McGill University Law School

Career and Employment Opportunities

Many of the Faculty's graduates have gone on to distinguished careers as academics, lawyers, scholars, justices, including at the Supreme Court of Canada, and politicians, among other professions. Included among the more notable alumni are Marie-Claire Kirkland Strover, the first woman elected to the Quebec National Assembly, and Ken Dryden, a former goaltender in the National Hockey League for the Montreal Canadiens turned politician for the Liberal Party of Canada. In an effort to help undergraduate and graduate law students and recent alumni begin their respective careers, the Career Development Office (CDO) provides numerous support services and programs including a Mentor Program, Mock Interview Program, Résumés clinics and Résumé programs, and Individual Counselling.

The CDO also provides a Career Resource Centre, which houses 'information related to employers, articling and job opportunities, internships, law schools and graduate programs, summer programs, and Bar Admission courses,' and a CareerLink service which provides a wide array of 'up-to-date career related information.' Furthermore, the CDO publishes many handbooks to help students and alumni in their respective career searches. Such publications include "Planning Your Legal Career: A Guidebook for Graduate Students," "Ready to Go? The Guide to Your Career in International Law," "The Legal Employment Handbook," and "You're Not Alone! A Law Student's Guide to Careers in the Public Interest."

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  • McGill Legal Information Clinic (for-credit program)

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