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McGill University Law School Degrees - Undergraduate and Graduate

Law undergraduate (LLB) and graduate (LLM, LLD, MJur, JSD, DCL or PhD) degree programs provided by McGill University.

McGill University

Undergraduate Law Degrees

Academically, at the undergraduate level, the primary program offered by the Faculty is the innovative integrated civil law/common law (B.C.L./LL.B) degree, which is designed to provide students with an in-depth knowledge and analysis of both of the world's major legal systems. The B.C.L./LL.B degree 'qualifies students for the Bar Admission Programs in all Canadian provinces, as well as the states of New York and Massachusetts' in the USA. Students are afforded the opportunity to combine their respective B.C.L./LL.B. programs with a Major Concentration in Commercial Negotiation, Dispute Resolution, International Governance and Development, or Trial and Appellate Practice, Master of Business Administration, Master of Social Work, Minor Program from the Faculty of Arts or Science, or Honours Concentration.

The latter option is only available to students who have completed 4 semesters at the Faculty of Law with a 3.0 Grade Point Average. Undergraduate students may also spend a term studying abroad by partaking in 1 of many exchange programs offered by the Faculty. About 45 students are authorized to participate in such exchanges per year.

Graduate Law Degrees

At the graduate level, the Faculty offers a Master of Laws (LL.M.) with specialization options in Air and Space Law, Bioethics, and Comparative Law, Doctor of Civil Law (D.C.L), and graduate certificates in Air and Space Law and Comparative Law. LL.M students may complete their respective degrees through the Faculty of Law, the Faculty's Institute of Air and Space Law or Institute of Comparative Law, or the Biomedical Ethics Unit of McGill University. Students in the D.C.L. program may study their respective programs through the Faculty of Law or through its Institute of Air and Space Law or Institute of Comparative Law.

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