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Queen's University - Mooting and Legal Clinical Programs

Queen's University Law School

Mooting and Clinical Programs

The Faculty of Law also offers many experiential learning opportunities through which students may develop and hone their practical skills, particularly their respective advocacy, argumentative, and lawyering abilities. Such occasions for practical learning is primarily available through advocacy/mooting and clinical and professional development programs. Mooting is a compulsory component of the LL.B program for both first and second year students; however, students may further develop their respective advocacy skills by partaking in numerous in-house, national, and international mooting competitions.

Furthermore, clinical and professional development options, many of which are for course credit, exist in various forms including the Clinical Family Law, Correctional Law Project, Queen's Legal Aid, and the Queen's Law Journal. The Correctional Law Project is particularly unique in that it is the only program of its kind in Canada and offers students the chance to provide 'legal advice, assistance and representation in the area of correctional law.' Students will work with 'inmate appeals against conviction and sentence for inmates of the nine federal penitentiaries in the Kingston area and Warkworth Institution near Campbellford, Ontario.'

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  • Clinical Family Law Program

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