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MBA in China - Carleton University

Eric Sprott School of Business

Carleton University's Master of Business Administration (MBA) in China is designed for qualified individuals working in China who aspire to enhance their respective knowledge of 'ideas and procedures in the business world' and skills in conducting research and improving 'the efficiency and competitiveness of organizations.' The MBA in China is 18 to 24 months in duration and is graded and taught in English by Carleton University Professors at the Glorious Sun School of Business and Management of Donghua University in Shanghai. In order to complete the Program, students will be required 'to register and successfully pass eight main MBA courses and submit a research project report, supervised by a Carleton University professor.' Students will complete at least four of the required classes in China then spend two months in Canada during which they will take two courses at Carleton University before returning to China to complete the program. Although they possess the same content as those taught in Canada, courses in the MBA in China program will be condensed and intensive, lasting two weeks and 'meeting 18 hours each week,' and only one course will be taught at a time. Between courses there will be a four-week break to allow students to return to work, regular lives, and 'prepare themselves for the next course.' The MBA in China is structured to enable students to gain a graduate business degree from 'an internationally recognized Canadian business school more quickly and at a greatly reduced cost' with minimal disruption to one's daily life. Carleton University advises students who do not possess 'a business education background to prepare themselves for taking MBA courses by registering in some prerequisite business courses.'

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