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PhD in Management - Carleton University

Eric Sprott School of Business

The Carleton University Ph.D. in Management is designed for qualified individuals interested in developing their respective research skills 'with both a theoretical and practical understanding of the complex problems facing business and managers.' The Program recognizes 'the complicated nature of the major issues faced by today's managers' and thus educates students in the skills required 'to solve such problems by taking a system-level view and by drawing resources and ideas from multiple functional areas.' Although the Ph.D. in Management takes an 'interdisciplinary, issue-focused courses to provide a holistic perspective to defining and solving problems' students will be able to specialize in a number of functional areas including Business Information Systems, Finance, International Business, Management, Marketing, Production and Operations, and Research and Development Administration. Among the unique features of the University's doctorate program are its ability to provide integrative courses which focus 'on interconnections between disparate phenomena' and its seminar series in which students participate to learn more in-depth knowledge regarding 'current management problems involving business and government leaders and academic researchers.' Carleton University is ranked number one in Canada for bursaries and scholarships, and qualified Ph.D. students are eligible to receive such financial assistance.

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