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Pianist Edmund Dawe to perform, Oct. 27
Mount Allison University | October 25, 2006
On Friday, October 27 at 8 p.m. in Brunton Auditorium, Mount Allison’s department of music will present a recital by pianist and professor Edmund Dawe. The program will feature works by Scarlatti, Schubert, Chopin, Liszt, and Debussy....[continue]

In memoriam: Professor Emeritus Alfred LehmanLehman was brilliant researcher
University of Toronto | October 24, 2006
Professor Emeritus Alfred Lehman of mathematics and computer science died May 8 after a long struggle with diabetes. He was 74 years old....[continue]

U.S. Policy decision-making more autocratic: Ryerson experts
Ryerson University | October 23, 2006
Prof. Greg Elmer, Bell Globemedia Research Chair, has co-authored a paper on the Bush government's method of making policy decisions....[continue]

Education gamble pays off with new career in pulp and paper industry
Malaspina University College | October 13, 2006
From Cuba, to Panama, to Nanaimo, the Fiandor family has steadily overcome challenges to build a better life....[continue]

University of Windsor researcher provides "sound evidence" of Ivory-Billed Woodpecker's existence
University of Windsor | September 26, 2006
University of Windsor Biology professor Dan Mennill and his team of researchers are part of an international group that has just published evidence of the existence of the elusive Ivory-Billed Woodpecker, a magnificent bird thought to have become extinct half a century ago....[continue]

UW president shares vision of Waterloo Region as knowledge capital by 2010
University of Waterloo | September 21, 2006
David Johnston, president of the University of Waterloo, today outlined 10 goals to make Waterloo Region Canada’s knowledge capital by 2010 and invited the community to develop the next 10....[continue]

Nobel Prize Laureate to Deliver Preistman Lectures
University of New Brunswick - Saint John | September 11, 2006
Sir Harold (Harry) Kroto, an English chemist who won the Nobel Prize in 1996 for the discovery of fullerenes, molecules composed entirely of carbon in the form of a hollow sphere, ellipsoid, or tube, will deliver this year’s Bryan Priestman lectures....[continue]

Watch York's Steve MacLean launch Sunday
York University | August 24, 2006
The Space Shuttle Atlantis, crewed by York alumnus Steve MacLean, is scheduled for liftoff on Sunday....[continue]

Fortune-building son honours dad with $3.5 million gift to U of T economics
University of Toronto | June 14, 2006
Donation to finance renovation of Max Gluskin House...[continue]

Queen's geographer seeks explanation for "dynamic cities"
Queen's University | May 17, 2006
What makes some Canadian cities more dynamic and innovative than others?...[continue]

Catherine Black awarded the 2006 WLU Award for Teaching Excellence
Wilfrid Laurier University | May 2, 2006
Catherine Black, an associate professor in the Department of Languages & Literatures, has been awarded the WLU Award for Teaching Excellence for 2006....[continue]

Tier 1 Canada Research Chair Appointed in Marine Natural Products Chemistry
University of Prince Edward Island | April 28, 2006
The federal government announced the latest round of Canada Research Chair appointments today in Quebec City and the list included a Tier 1 Chair in Marine Natural Products Chemistry for the University of Prince Edward Island....[continue]

Environmental Contaminants and Their Impact on Reproduction
University of Western Ontario | April 25, 2006
A leading expert on environmental contaminants will speak to an audience at The University of Western Ontario later this week in a community currently debating the cosmetic use of pesticides - presently a hot topic in Canada. Louis J. Guillette Jr. is also expected to touch on how pollution may have contributed to the steady decline in the proportion of male births at a First Nations reserve near Sarnia, a fact that came to light when the community questioned why there were three all-girl baseball teams and only one all-boy....[continue]

Water and Health Focus of Hammond Lectures
University of Guelph | March 16, 2006
"Water and Health" is the topic of the 2005/06 Kenneth Hammond Lectures on Environment, Energy and Resources, to be held March 24 and 25 at the University of Guelph....[continue]

Danny McInnis appointed Acting Registrar at StFX
St. Francis Xavier University | February 6, 2006
Dr. Mary B. McGillivray, Academic Vice President and Provost, appointed Mr. Danny McInnis as Acting Registrar, effective December 16, 2005....[continue]

Anthony 'touched lives': Man who built academic foundation at Nipissing dies
Nipissing University | January 3, 2006
Desmond Anthony, a renowned expert in parasites and one of the first facultymembers at Nipissing University, died Monday night after a battle withcancer....[continue]

Jungle discovery opens new chapter in Maya history
University of Calgary | December 5, 2005
A University of Calgary archaeologist and her international team of researchers have discovered the earliest known portrait of a woman that the Maya carved into stone, demonstrating that women held positions of authority very early in Maya history – either as queens or patron deities....[continue]

UNBC Names New President
University of Northern British Columbia | December 1, 2005
An outstanding university administrator with roots in British Columbia and extensive experience in the North will be the University of Northern British Columbia’s next President....[continue]

Stress: For Better or For Worse—The uOttawa Frontiers in Research Lectures
University of Ottawa | November 14, 2005
Whether the symptoms are mild stomach butterflies or a full-blown ‘feeling out of control’ panic attack, stress is an unavoidable companion to our daily life experiences....[continue]

CRISP Hosting Critical Healthy Schools Conference
University of New Brunswick - Saint John | November 8, 2005
Healthy schools can influence a nation’s lifestyle....[continue]

Stress: For Better or For Worse—The uOttawa Frontiers in Research Lectures
University of Ottawa | November 2, 2005
Whether the symptoms are mild stomach butterflies or a full-blown ‘feeling out of control’ panic attack, stress is an unavoidable companion to our daily life experiences....[continue]

Scientists discover whole new part of the cell
University of Calgary | November 1, 2005
Findings have implications for cancer, immune disorders...[continue]

SWGC: Catherine Bush - Reading from her fiction
Memorial University of Newfoundland | October 27, 2005
The English Program, SWGC and Casual Jack's Roadhouse present Catherine Bush - Reading from her fiction....[continue]

James Cullingham’s Lessons in Fear to be screened at Mount A, Oct. 26
Mount Allison University | October 24, 2005
Mount Allison’s international relations program and Cinema Politica will be co-sponsoring a screening of Lessons in Fear, a feature documentary by acclaimed director/producer James Cullingham....[continue]

Professors to be honoured for teaching and research excellence
Brock University | October 7, 2005
Brock University will honour two faculty members for their contributions to teaching and research as part of the Fall Convocation ceremonies to be held on Saturday, Oct. 15 at 10 a.m. in the Ian D. Beddis Gymnasium, located in Brock's Walker Complex....[continue]

Profs click with students
St. Mary's University | October 4, 2005

BEIS, Richard Hardy
St. Mary's University | September 26, 2005
It is with great sadness that the Beis family announces the sudden and unexpected death of Richard Beis on September 21, 2005. He was 77....[continue]

Catherine Bush and Charles Foran to Read at UNB
university of new Brunswick - saint John | September 19, 2005
Catherine Bush and Charles Foran will kick off this year's University of New Brunswick English department reading series....[continue]

Atlantic Arts Trio to perform at Mount A, Sept. 23
Mount Allison University | September 19, 2005
On Friday, September 23, at 8 p.m., in Brunton Auditorium, Mount Allison’s department of music will feature a performance by the Atlantic Arts Trio, a dynamic ensemble that has toured in Canada, the United States, England, and Asia....[continue]

McGill: The heart of a college 'town'
McGill University | September 15, 2005
From orientation events on campus to study groups in bustling neighbourhood coffee shops, the signs are all around that school is back in session....[continue]



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