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Conference examines global nursing shortage
McMaster University | October 25, 2006
With an unprecedented shortage of nurses expected in the future, health human resource planning is critical. The questions include the reasons few internationally trained nurses and new graduates are being hired full-time, how nurses may be encouraged to remain in the workforce and how to ensure there are enough nurses in emergencies....[continue]

University of New Brunswick - Fredericton | October 13, 2006
BBC Correspondent Lyse Doucet will receive an honorary Doctor of Letters degree during the University of New Brunswick Saint John’s Fall Convocation Ceremony on Friday, October 20, 2006....[continue]

Camille Zakharia: Division Lines
St. Mary's University | September 11, 2006
While the world’s attention is focused anxiously on Lebanon, Saint Mary’s University Art Gallery launches its fall season with a major solo exhibition by a Lebanese-Canadian artist who has a long association with Halifax....[continue]

Doreen Kays to Speak on "Lebanon: Why Now? What Now?" August 23
University of Prince Edward Island | August 15, 2006
The UPEI Distinguished Visitor Speaker Series continues Wednesday, August 23 with former foreign correspondent, Doreen Kays....[continue]

Reaction to Violence in Lebanon
University of Western Ontario | July 17, 2006
The Department of Communications & Public Affairs at The University of Western Ontario is providing the following contact to assist those covering the attacks on Lebanon...[continue]

The University of Ottawa to welcome 135 new doctors
University of Ottawa | May 9, 2006
They are determined, enthusiastic, motivated, and committed to the medical profession....[continue]

Segelberg Lecture Series Press Conference
Dalhousie University | February 21, 2006
Guest Speaker: Terry Waite, "The Ends of Life: Body, Mind and the Human Spirit in Political Captivity"...[continue]

Terry Waite to Speak at Dal
Dalhousie University | February 16, 2006
Segelberg Lecture Series...[continue]

Dr. Sami Aoun: Lecture on the Middle East, Thursday February 9 2006
Laurentian University of Sudbury | February 2, 2006
ACFAS-Sudbury and the Institut Franco-ontarien (IFO) invite you to attend a presentation by Dr. Sami Aoun, political analyst, specialist in international relations of the Near-East and Middle East and History and Political Science professor at the Université de Sherbrooke....[continue]

Ariel Sharon's Legacy Analysed
University of Western Ontario | January 6, 2006
The Department of Communications & Public Affairs at The University of Western Ontario is providing the following contact to assist those covering Ariel Sharon's legacy....[continue]

Iran could be next, York prof warns
York University | November 21, 2005
In the wake of the suicide bombings in Jordan, there are signs that Iran could be next on al-Qaeda’s list, despite being a Muslim and largely anti-American country, says Dr. Michael Dartnell, a visiting professor of Political Science at York University....[continue]

Visiting lecturer takes a closer look at suicide bombers
Memorial University of Newfoundland | October 14, 2005
What motivates a suicide bomber? Why has the number of incidents of suicide bombing increased since the early 1980s? These are questions that Dr. Robert Brym, professor of sociology at the University of Toronto, will answer when he comes to Memorial to lecture on Suicide Bombing as Strategy and Interaction on Oct. 19, 2005....[continue]

Discussion tackles Islamic cartoon debate
University of Toronto | February 10, 2005
Hundreds cram Hart House to share thoughts on crisis...[continue]



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