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Kitsilano crows and Vancouver commuters both stuck in "rush-hour"

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October 24, 2005

Source: Trinity Western University:

Kitsilano crows and Vancouver commuters both stuck in "rush-hour"

Every night, when commuters fought rush-hour as they drove home to suburbia, thousands of crows would follow overhead and stop at Boundary road. Like any good artist, Northcott wondered, "why?" As a result, she has spent the past three years studying this occurrence and developing a multi-media exhibit entitled, "Crossing Boundaries." On Wednesday, October 26, 2005, Northcott will speak on this project as well as her own artistic process at Trinity Western University's second Art Talk this semester, "The Spaces Between."

Northcott learned that during rush-hour some16,000 Vancouver crows fly from their scavenging territories in the city to a communal roost in the Still Creek area of Burnaby. Her exhibit—which was on display at the Surrey Art Gallery earlier this month—examines this crossing of boundaries between nature and social structures, as well as the spaces between day and nigh, city and suburb, mundane and mythic.

Originally a painter who developed her work to include mixed-media, photo-based work, and verse and text, Northcott stretched her talents to include video installation. Her work involving the flocking crows—whom she calls "an awesome otherness"—involves three large video screens and twelve minutes of footage gathered over several months.

Northcott, who will be showing footage from the installation during her Art Talk at TWU, says developing her art into multi-media was only natural. "It's just my nature," she says. "For the process to feel real to me I have to be learning something. I have to feel that I'm in new territory. In many ways, this is an experiment."

In her installation, the black scavengers spend their days foraging through garbage bins and fruit trees in Vancouver city, and their nights in a gothic night roost deep in an alderwood grove in Burnaby. Her artwork explores themes of boundaries and connections, prying at the space between things, between moments and events, people and places and various states of being.

Event: "The Spaces Between" with artist Suzanne Northcott
Date: Wednesday, October 26, 2005
Time: 7 p.m.
Location: Northwest Auditorium, Northwest Building at Trinity Western University
7600, Glover Road, Langley.
Cost: No charge
Contact: Cindie Chaise at (604) 513-2021 ext. 3275, or email

Northcott is a senior member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and an award-winning artist. The video crew for Crossing Boundary included cinematographer Rudy Kovanic, video editor and post-production coordinator Laurie Long, and sound designer Jean Routier. Other advisors and contributors included poet Rishma Dunlop and biologist Rob Butler of the National Wildlife Service.

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