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Letter from the President - TWU hosts The Great West Life Spirit of Christmas Celebration!
Trinity Western University | October 27, 2006
Our Trinity Western community has an exciting opportunity this year to provide an environment of peace, joy and reflection as we host the Spirit of Christmas Celebration on our campus December 1st & 2nd....[continue]

Farming salmon in fresh water
Simon Fraser University | October 19, 2006
Farming salmon in fresh water - Many say it can’t be done....[continue]

Joyful inauguration ceremony marks a new era for Trinity Western University.
Trinity Western University | October 19, 2006
The triumphant music of Beethoven's "Joyful, joyful", sung by the one hundred voice Trinity Western Choir and accompanied by the 35-member Cariboo Hill Temple Band of The Salvation Army, rang out loud and clear on Saturday afternoon October 14th as Dr. Jonathan S. Raymond, Trinity Western University's third president, was inaugurated....[continue]

Trinity Western University's new president to appear on Omni TV's The Standard, Thursday October 12, 2006 at 9:00pm PST.
Trinity Western University | October 11, 2006
Viewers are exposed to riveting stories from around the world, meeting newsmakers up close, and discovering the spiritual sides of famous men and women from all walks of life....[continue]

BCIT carpentry students construct relief home for tsunami victims
British Columbia Institute of Technology | September 25, 2006
Sixteen BCIT carpentry students recently completed the construction of a Britco Structures demonstration hybrid panelized and pre-cut home designed for Indonesian tsunami relief housing....[continue]

Urban issues come under scrutiny
Simon Fraser University | September 20, 2006
A new public lecture series aimed at making communities safer — called Safe Streets, Safe Communities — begins at Simon Fraser University’s Surrey campus on September 28....[continue]

Religion and culture: TWU scholar awarded $500K Canadian Research Chair
Trinity Western University | September 8, 2006
The recent trend among scholars to take religion seriously is affirmed as Jens Zimmermann, PhD, associate professor of English at Trinity Western University, secures two significant grants for his study of interpretation, religion and culture—one from the government and one from the media....[continue]

New MBA meets needs of entrepreneur and NGO sector
Trinity Western University | September 5, 2006
On July 31, the Ministry of Advanced Education notified TWU of its official approval for the new Master of Business Administration program, setting the course for the program which begins August 2007....[continue]

TWU student represents Canada as Weed Science Award recipient
Trinity Western University | August 1, 2006
Kathleen Campbell, fourth year honours biology student from Trinity Western University, was recently awarded the $1,000 Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) Undergraduate Award for her research on a local weed called the golden crown-beard....[continue]

First-year students need not relocate this fall
Trinity Western University | August 1, 2006
First Year Online is designed for students who plan to earn an accredited undergraduate degree but do not want to immediately move to an urban area after high school graduation....[continue]

Provincial government, Britco partner with BCIT on Indonesian tsunami relief
British Columbia Institute of Technology | July 21, 2006
VANCOUVER, BC: The Province of British Columbia is supporting a groundbreaking project that will see up to 3,000 homes sent to a region of Indonesia affected by the 2004 tsunami disaster, Forests and Range Minister Rich Coleman recently announced, alongside BCIT, Britco and Save the Children....[continue]

TWU costume designer wins Jessie
Trinity Western University | July 18, 2006
Before retro was hip, Richmond resident Nicole Bach was already vintage-clothes shopping and creating original outfits using her mom's sewing patterns from the sixties....[continue]

From Improv to Aerospace to Alumni
Trinity Western University | July 14, 2006
TWU names Dave Swan Director of Alumni...[continue]

Programming a victory: computing science students win first place
Trinity Western University | July 12, 2006
For most people, computer programming is a foreign language, but for three Trinity Western University computing science students all it took was the right script....[continue]

TWU graduates honoured
Trinity Western University | June 22, 2006
After spending the last four years reading thousands of pages, writing dozens of papers, and attending countless classes, over 500 Trinity Western University graduates crossed the stage, grabbed their degree and finalized their graduation this spring....[continue]

Local theatre talent among best in Vancouver
Trinity Western University | June 19, 2006
Two Trinity Western University staff members will be crossing their fingers on June 19 at the Commodore Ballroom, where the Jessie Richardson awards will honour the best in Vancouver professional theatre....[continue]

Christmas in June: TWU plans to make Langley a must-see Yuletide destination
Trinity Western University | June 15, 2006
Christmas may still be another six months away, but major plans for a festive Langley are underway....[continue]

Best future teacher award announced for TWU School of Education student
Trinity Western University | June 14, 2006
Bouncing on a large ball across the gym on the last leg of an obstacle course is no easy task on its own, but tape up the contender and pull a t-shirt over her head and it's downright daunting....[continue]

Enthusiastic students engaged with the sciences
Trinity Western University | June 5, 2006
After launching last year's "Science in the Valley," a successful, hands-on program that brings science to life for late elementary and middle school students, Trinity Western University's Eve Stringham, PhD and Craig Montgomery, PhD are at it again....[continue]

Sex, intimacy and God
Trinity Western University | May 8, 2006
Jobs, children and other time demands can challenge intimacy in any marriage, but none can be more toxic to emotional, spiritual, and physical intimacy than unresolved issues of sexual trauma....[continue]

TWU students get a film break
Trinity Western University | April 24, 2006
An original script and song performance was what it took for Jared Crossley to win hands-down at Trinity Western University's first Big Break Film Competition....[continue]

Accessing Ottawa: High School students get inside look at Canadian government
Trinity Western University | April 20, 2006
On April 23, twenty-one high school will head to Ottawa to get a behind the scenes look at Canada's capital, thanks to Trinity Western University....[continue]

TESOL legacy passed to TWU
Trinity Western University | April 11, 2006
Acceptance reception celebrates the late Janet Essig...[continue]

Upgrade to University: Freshmen Academy Offers Ease of Transition
Trinity Western University | March 29, 2006
Taking the leap from high school to university can be so intimidating for some that they never further their education or career....[continue]

Trinity Western Choir and Orchestra Perform Requiem with SFU
Trinity Western University | March 27, 2006
The TWU Chamber Singers and Orchestra to perform March 31 and April 1 in the Lower Mainland....[continue]

Art Talk: Dwindling nature and our response
Trinity Western University | March 20, 2006
Artist, Margaretha Bootsma, addresses humanity's role in a natural world...[continue]

TWU announces its third university president today
Trinity Western University | March 17, 2006
Following a unanimous vote, the Trinity Western University Board of Governors is pleased to announce today the naming of Jonathan S. Raymond, PhD, as the third president of Trinity Western University, the Christian liberal arts university in Langley B.C....[continue]

Turin's shrouded history
Trinity Western University | March 16, 2006
Turin, Italy's most recent fame may be due to the 2006 winter games, but its long-standing notoriety has derived, in part, from being home to one of the most scrutinized pieces of archaeology—the Shroud of Turin....[continue]

TWU Drama Presents: The Glass Menagerie
Trinity Western University | March 14, 2006
A classic drama from the American stage, The Glass Menagerie, will close the 2005-2006 main stage season for Trinity Western University Drama....[continue]

An evening of sacred music with the TWU Chamber and Concert Choirs
Trinity Western University | March 9, 2006
The public is invited to an evening of music with the TWU Chamber and Concert Choirs, Vancouver Brass Quintet, Conductor and Organist Ay-Laung Wang, and TWU alumni and Gospel Soloist Crystal Hicks....[continue]

New program brings students to Ottawa
Trinity Western University | March 9, 2006
Low voter turn-out among Canada's young adults may be a concern, but that's all going to change if three university students have anything to say about it....[continue]

Women, Power and Politics Colloquium to be Held at Trent University March 6 and 7
Trent University | March 3, 2006
Trent University is pleased to announce that a two day World Affairs Colloquium, entitled "Women, Power and Politics" will be held in honour of International Women's Week on March 6 and 7 in the First Nations Gathering Space at Gzowski College on the Symons campus....[continue]

First Year University now Available from Anywhere in Canada
Trinity Western University | February 28, 2006
Students in more rural regions of the country will soon be able to complete 27 first year university credits on-line thanks to a new program announced this week by Langley's Trinity Western University....[continue]

Art Talks artist expresses human redemption through media
Trinity Western University | February 16, 2006
Taking place on Wednesday, Feb. 22 in TWU's Northwest Auditorium, the public event is a partnership with The Verge Arts Series, an interdisciplinary, artistic venture....[continue]

Top grief expert offers free counselling workshop to the local public
Trinity Western University | January 26, 2006
How do we recover from such magnificent tragedy like the loss experienced by the survivors of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, the tsunami in Indonesia or the war in Iraq?...[continue]

High school students have chemistry at TWU
Trinity Western University | December 15, 2005
This winter, the Trinity Western University chemistry department organized a campus chemistry expo for grade 11 and 12 students. Initiated and largely organized by the student-led Chemistry Society, the event hosted over 80 students from four schools in Surrey and Langley....[continue]

Celebrate the research and performance of Indigenous dance
Trinity Western University | November 30, 2005
This winter, the public is invited to experience a new series of paintings by Fort Langley artist Doris Auxier....[continue]

TWU Drama presents Horton Foote's The Actor
Trinity Western University | November 23, 2005
Set in the middle of the Great Depression, The Actor tells the story of 15-year-old Horace, who wants to go to acting school....[continue]

Trinity Western University | November 22, 2005
Langley residents may have seen a peculiar-looking vehicle around the Lower Mainland recently....[continue]

Art Talk Nov. 23: Frames of Perception
Trinity Western University | November 17, 2005
TWU art professor Maggie Milne will be discussing visual politics in the late medieval English court....[continue]



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