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Career Opportunities in Archaeology in Canada

Career and employment opportunities for Canadian university students graduating in Archaeology.

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Employment Resources and Professions Available to Archaeology Graduates

Many archaeologists stay in academia and teach archaeology, human geography, and anthropology at the post-secondary level while doing research. This research can take place in the field in caves, glaciers, and oceans, or in the laboratory where further analysis is done. Many academic archaeologists also partake in a lot of technical writing or journalism for the pure science or popular science media.

Other archaeologists work in musems where they work in curation, conservation, and archive management. The government hires many archaeologists for positions such as historical research, interpretation, conservation, resource planning, and land management. They can work for agencies such as Parks Canada, Canadian Heritage, and Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.

Some archaeologists work for private companies where they serve as consultants in salvage operations for engineering or environmental resource firms (eg. oil, forestry, marine). They can also work in cultural resource management on behalf of various interest groups such as Inuit, Gaelic speakers, or Australian aboriginals.

A degree in archaeology can also be used as background for a career in geography, sociology, biology, and history. It can also be used for a career in law or business (eg. as a cultural resource lawyer to provide legal advice and services in connection with cultural resource related issues).

Study and Work in Archaeology in Canada

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