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Research in Archaeology in Canada

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Archaeology Research Areas and Disciplines

A lot of research in archaeology focuses on specific sites and integrating new knowledge into an already-existing database of knowledge about that time period or culture. For example, many archaeologists work on ancient digs located in northern Africa, study ancient Egyptian writings, and attempt to integrate their cultural understandings with the contemporary world. Others work exclusively on Bronze Age artifacts: dating them, cataloguing them, and placing them in context of that time period. Other archaeologists focus on ancient writings and work collaboratively with those in linguistics and history to translate and decipher their meaning.

As technology progresses, bioarchaeologists are increasing working with biological residues such as blood, pollen, tissues, feathers, scales, and hair. They are working in collaboration with those in paleontology and botany to identify specific species, date sites, and to identify how specific ethnic groups migrated geographically. New techniques include molecular biology and electron microscopy to identify these biomarkers.

Another area of archaeology being analyzed includes the study of food residues extracted from pottery, grinding stones, and soils to provide a record of the consumption of the cultivated foods in ancient cultures. Researchers have been able to identify cultigens such as maize, beans, and squash as well as wild plant species such as wild rice and various berries in food residue. This information helps to put together a comprehensive picture of that particular culture.

Study and Work in Archaeology in Canada

Study Archaeology in Canada
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