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What Developmental Psychology Students Learn

Research topics, specializations, subject areas and concepts studied in Developmental Psychology programs from universities in Canada..

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Studying Developmental Psychology in Canada

Students studying developmental psychology gain a solid foundation in developmental theory and research methodology. They also learn about the role played by quality early childhood care and education programs in human development, family stability, and community well-being.

Students learn about developmental theory, which includes current theories in cognitive and social development. Cognitive development topics include infant studies, the development of perception, memory, and language development. Social development topics include the theories of socialization and the development of emotional reactivity and regulation, atypical development of children with various neurodevelopmental disorders (eg. autism, Down syndrome, Williams syndrome, etc), and interpersonal relationships across the lifespan. (eg. parent-child relationships, friendships, peer groups, romantic relationships, etc).

In addition to psychology topics, developmental psychology programs also include topics such as anthropology, biology, conflict resolution, education, applied health, sociology, and statistics. Classroom studies are supplemented with field trips to schools, special learning centers, and health science centers, where students apply their theoretical learning to hands-on situations.

Study and Work in Developmental Psychology in Canada

Study Developmental Psychology in Canada
What is Developmental Psychology? Discover similiar and related programs and universities in Canada offering Developmental Psychology degrees.

Developmental Psychology Admission Requirements
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Graduate Developmental Psychology Admission Requirements
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Research in Developmental Psychology
Research areas, topics, interests and projects in Developmental Psychology.

Career and Employment Opportunities in Developmental Psychology
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Developmental Psychology Programs in Canada

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