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Social Sciences PhD Programs in Canada

Social Sciences and it's related PhD and doctorate degree programs offered in Canada.

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PhD Program Categories of Social Sciences

Accounting and Accountancy

African Studies

Agricultural Economics

American Studies




Asian Studies

Behavioural Sciences

Business Administration

Business Economics

Business Law

Business Management

Canadian Studies

Canon Law

Celtic Studies

Classical Archaeology

Classics and Classical Studies

Clinical Psychology


Community Development and Planning

Community Studies

Conflict and War Studies

Development Economics

Development Studies

Diaspora Studies

East European Studies

Economic Geography

Economic History

Economic Policy

Economic Studies

Environmental Economics


European Studies

Financial Economics

Folklore and Ethnology

Gender and Women's Studies

Greek and Roman Studies

Health Psychology

Human Ecology


Industrial Organization

International Political Economy

Law and Economics

Middle East Studies

Military and Strategic Studies

Natural Resource Economics


Oceanography and Oceanic Sciences

Peace Studies

Philosophy and Economics

Policy Studies

Political Economy

Property Law


Public Administration

Recreation and Leisure

Russian Studies

Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Social Anthropology

Social Change

Social Policy

Social Science


Ukrainian Studies

Urban and Regional Planning

Urban Economics

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