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What Film and Video Students Learn

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Studying Film and Video in Canada

Film Studies programs are generally B.A. programs that teach the history, theory, aesthetics (the effect of film on a viewer) and analysis of film as an art form. Students examine, discuss and write about film both as the artistic expression of an individual or group of individuals and as a product of its social, cultural, political and economic milieu. The emphasis is on the development of critical thinking and analytical skills within a liberal arts education framework.

Film and Video programs are generally B.F.A. programs that in addition to addressing the concepts taught in Film Studies, also teach the skills and techniques of writing, producing, directing and editing film, as well as technical aspects such as camera operation, sound and lighting. As with all Fine Arts programs, there is a large studio component to the course of study, and students are usually required to produce several short films during their time in the program. Film and video students should investigate the extra costs—over and above tuition and books—involved in this program as a result.

Study and Work in Film and Video in Canada

Study Film and Video in Canada
What is Film and Video? Discover similiar and related programs and universities in Canada offering Film and Video degrees.

Film and Video Admission Requirements
The prerequisites required to become accepted to a undergraduate program in Film and Video.

Career and Employment Opportunities in Film and Video
Professions, occupations or careers available to graduates in Film and Video and also relevant links to employment resources.

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