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Research in Internal Medicine in Canada

Research opportunities for students studying Internal Medicine.

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Internal Medicine Research Areas and Disciplines

Research in internal medicine includes both pure (laboratory) and applied (clinical) research. The mechanisms of diseases, new treatments, and clinical trials are common at all hospitals.

Given that internal medicine focuses on medication vs. surgery to heal patients, research into developing new drugs to combat various disorders and diseases is underway. This includes cancer, HIV, gall stones, heart abnormalities, and asthma.

Clinical research is built upon case studies of patient admissions. With enough case studies and sufficient resources, new treatment options for various medical conditions are possible on an ongoing basis.

Research is also commonly in collaboration with various research institutions. Pure research into neurology (eg. strokes), oncology (eg. lung cancer), geriatric medicine (eg. heart attacks), adolescent medicine (eg. STD's), and critical care (eg. kidney failure).

Study and Work in Internal Medicine in Canada

Study Internal Medicine in Canada
What is Internal Medicine? Discover similiar and related programs and universities in Canada offering Internal Medicine degrees.

Graduate Internal Medicine Admission Requirements
The prerequisites required to become accepted to a graduate and/or postgraduate PhD program in Internal Medicine.

What Internal Medicine Students Learn
Topics, subjects and concepts that are covered and overall approach or focus taken for studying Internal Medicine.

Career and Employment Opportunities in Internal Medicine
Professions, occupations and careers available to graduates in Internal Medicine and links to relevant employment resources.

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