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Research in Leadership and Training in Canada

Research opportunities for students studying Leadership and Training.

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Leadership and Training Research Areas and Disciplines

One area of current study is how to manage conflict in the workplace. Researchers are working with those in organizational psychology, human resources, and education to determine which techniques work best in a given situation and how this varies between situations. For example, smaller organizations will often have different conflicts than larger organizations, thus how it is managed will differ as well. A methodology that explores human subjectivity, Q-methodology, is being used for these types of conflicts. Participants prioritize a set of statements along a continuum according to those they most and least agree with. This permits researchers to explore nuances in the subjectivity of subjects on a given topic, and researchers are implementing studies to assess the subjectivities around leadership.

Others are working on the biology and psychology behind effective leaders. For example, researchers are working to understand how the brain processes information and how this affects their ultimate decision-making process. This could include factors such as physical health, social status, and age. Knowing how the brain processes information and how it perceives those in authority can help organizations with workplace transitions such as downsizing, selecting representatives in labor negotiations, and fostering an environment of trust between management and staff. See the article on industrial and organizational psychology for more information.

Technology is also being used to facilitate the use of effective leadership. For example, researchers are examining the effectiveness of on-line, anonymous suggestion boxes for organizations that wish to solicit feedback from employees without the need for an in-person conversation. Others are working on developing weekly on-line newsletters or emails from those in management, to disseminate news and gain feedback in a more timely manner.

Study and Work in Leadership and Training in Canada

Study Leadership and Training in Canada
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