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What Leadership and Training Students Learn

Research topics, specializations, subject areas and concepts studied in Leadership and Training programs from universities in Canada..

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Studying Leadership and Training in Canada

Students studying leadership studies learn the concepts of leadership and organization as well as of social justice, democratic action, equity, empowerment, and social change. Students learn about the significance of leadership, theoretical foundations ofá leadership, and modern approaches to the study of leaders and followers. The development of leaders, profiles in leadership, and applications of leadership are also studied.

Since many leadership studies programs are tailored specifically towards certain areas (business, education, etc), most programs have specific goals and students learn specific skill sets. Students in business-oriented leadership studies will gain a foundation in functional and strategic human resources management professional practice. Students also learn about the conditions, techniques, and activities which facilitate the development of leaders. Students develop and increase their awareness of the importance of people skills in business organizations through group interactions, role playing, lectures, and practice sessions. Students also analyze the leadership role of supervisors and managers, learn to develop team performance, collaborate effectively with others, and problem solve. Managing change and innovation is an important concept: students gain an understanding of the concept of change, the necessity for change, and an awareness of the impact on change to organizations.

Students in all leadership studies programs learn about supervisory skills, the principles of management, teamwork skills, managing conflict in the workplace, and labor relations. With regards to labor relations, students learn about collective bargaining, the grievance processes, arbitrations, contract interpretation, and labor legislation. Students learn the skills that promote the resolution of workplace con?icts, mediation, and negotiation. As well, legal and liability issues related to various business industries are also covered, such as human rights, employment standards, workers compensation, privacy, and wrongful dismissal.

Some programs have a practicum or field component, especially the recreational-oriented programs, where students get to put into practice the skills they have learned.

Study and Work in Leadership and Training in Canada

Study Leadership and Training in Canada
What is Leadership and Training? Discover similiar and related programs and universities in Canada offering Leadership and Training degrees.

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