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Research in Marine Engineering in Canada

Research opportunities for students studying Marine Engineering.

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Marine Engineering Research Areas and Disciplines

There is research into designing more effective ships and other ocean structures. This includes investigations into new building materials that are resistant to corrosion and wave action and the creation of new marine engines. Of particular concern to Canada is the production of more efficient ships to cruise Arctic waters, where there is research into new icebreaking techniques and predicting stress loads on ships that operate in ice.

There is also research into designing better lubricants for marine propellers, so they are easier to maintain and less likely to seize up while in use.

Research into the safety equipment on board ships and platforms is also underway. This includes bettering performance of lifeboats and survival suits under extreme conditions (cold, long immersion, etc.), thermal protection equipment, and the design of slides and chutes.

There is new research into the creation of autonomous underwater vehicles for use in mining and oil exploration, rescue operations, seabed mapping, and monitoring pollution. Among current research topics is the development of a compact AUV for search operations, a pipeline inspection vehicle, and a hybrid ocean glider.

Study and Work in Marine Engineering in Canada

Study Marine Engineering in Canada
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