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What Marine Engineering Students Learn

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Studying Marine Engineering in Canada

Basic courses in the mechanics of propulsion, fluid dynamics, discrete math, and ship structures are all available to marine and ocean engineers. These are designed to give the student a basic background in the underlying physics of ships, platforms, and the influence of the ocean environment on manmade structures.

Students learn about the principles of construction, operation and maintenance of diesel engine propulsion plants on ships. To this end, they take courses in mechanics, hydraulic systems, and engine support systems. They also take courses in the various systems on board a ship such as electrical, refrigeration, fuel systems. There they learn how to maintain and service these systems both while in dock, and while at sea.

Students also get practical training in use of power tools, arc welding, and troubleshooting diesel engines. They also get practical experience and familiarization with oil and chemical tankers, as well as oil platforms.

Students also take courses in ship management, which include aspects of ship psychology, economics, marine law, and ethics.

Naval engineering courses are designed to teach the student the challenges specific to designing for the marine environment. Subjects include choice of materials, manufacturing, and the statics of floating or submerged structures. Computer simulations, laboratory experience, and field trips are all used as training methods.

Study and Work in Marine Engineering in Canada

Study Marine Engineering in Canada
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