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Research in Orthodontics in Canada

Research opportunities for students studying Orthodontics.

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Orthodontics Research Areas and Disciplines

A lot of research in orthodontics revolves around craniofacial anomalies such as cleft palate in children and related side effects such as respiratory issues, swallowing, and muscle function. Researchers are working to determine causes of cleft palate (genetics and various pre-natal environmental causes such as pesticide exposure, alcohol abuse, and exposure to lead). Others are working on developing new techniques for cleft palate surgery and minimizing surgical scars.

Others are working in dentofacial regeneration and tissue engineering. Current investigations include therapeutic ultrasound and the use of stem cells to stimulate and promote tissue growth after trauma. As well various biomaterials are being examined for possible uses in tissue regeneration and scaffolding. See the articles on dentistry and biomedical engineering for more information.

Another area of research is in the development and use of new radiography technologies such as cone beam tomography. This type of technology can visualize both erupted and non-erupted teeth, tooth root orientation, and anomalous structures that conventional 2D radiography cannot. Researchers are using this technology to improve their diagnosis, treatment, and post-treatment analysis of orthodontic patients.

Study and Work in Orthodontics in Canada

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