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Research in Robotics in Canada

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Robotics Research Areas and Disciplines

An area of particular research effort is in exploring robotic and other mechatronic applications in surgery and therapy. Researchers are designing robotic systems and devices for minimally invasive surgery and therapy. This includes tele-robotic system components and extending existing tele-surgical systems so that accuracy and elapsed surgical procedure times can be improved. As well, this means robotics and tele-presence could be used to perform surgery without the surgeon being physically present, which is of use in war-zones, third-world countries, etc.

Another area of focus is in automation and mechatronic systems, where research focuses on the fusion of mechanical and electrical disciplines in engineering and robotic assisted processes, medical applications, and application of smart materials such as piezoelectric transducers and shape memory alloys for measurement and control. See the articles on electrical engineering and mechatronics for more information on current research.

Robotics researchers are also examining nature for clues on improving human devices. Biomimetic robotic locomotion is being used to design rovers that use animal locomotion principles to traverse Martian terrain, to create unmanned reconnaissance drones that fly efficiently over hostile terrain, and to improve the effectiveness and lifelike-ness of artificial limbs.

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