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Volunteer for Religious Organizations in Hamilton

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Information about Religious Organizations in Hamilton offering volunteer opportunities. You can also view additional results of Religious Organizations from other locations in Ontario or expand your results by changing the location from the menu to the right.

Religious organizations are widespread, encompassing poverty, community services, and seniors. This includes groups that, in addition to providing services for the poor, elderly, disadvantaged, etc, also perform religious services.

The King's Way Blessing Center

BCM International (Canada) Inc
685 Main St E, Hamilton, Ontario

A global Bible Centered Ministry dedicated to making disciples of all age groups for the Lord Jesus Christ through evangelism, teaching, and training, so that churches are established and The Church strengthened.

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Volunteer Profile of BCM International (Canada) Inc

The King's Way Blessing Center

Catholic Youth Organization
45 Frid Street, Suite 1, Hamilton, Ontario

The Catholic Youth Organization (C.Y.O.) is one of the oldest, strongest and most effective non-profit agencies in the Hamilton community. Over the past 50 years, the C.Y.O. has come to realize that raising a child is difficult, but raising a child with a profound physical or developmental disability can be beyond our imagination.

Keywords: Religion · Community Services

Volunteer Profile of Catholic Youth Organization

Sirimangalo International Buddhist Meditation Centre

Sirimangalo International Buddhist Meditation Centre
2 Bond Street South, Hamilton, Ontario

Our resident teacher at the Sirimangalo International Buddhist Meditation Centre is the Theravada monk Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu.

Venerable Yuttadhammo has been teaching the Dhamma and insight meditation (also known as Vipassana meditation) for past 12 years. He has also published books on the practice of insight meditation which are invaluable guides for any meditator.

Keywords: Religion

Volunteer Profile of Sirimangalo International Buddhist Meditation Centre

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