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Security Officer Career College

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Security Officer Career College offers students a chance to be trained as professional security guards. The institution also offers organizations customized programs that meet the unique goals and needs of specific institutions. The curriculum has been developed by professional program developers who ensure that the latest skills and techniques are incorporated in the program. This ensures that the students are trained in an up-to-date curriculum that helps them learn the latest techniques in the field. The program developers are also part of the faculty and are highly skilled and qualified professionals. The institution offers client various delivery channels to receive their training.

Security Officer Career College also offers programs such as safety training programs, maintaining control in time of crisis, supervisor training program etc. It also offers a basic security officer program that has been developed in co-ordination with the Alberta Advanced Education. The institution also offers industry specific training. It also offers refresher programs to those in the industry who wish to be trained in the latest skills.

The institution also offers advance training for management staff, designs programs to promote employee awareness and ensure proper due diligence in organizations. It also offers annual training plans for employees. It has established a partnership with Allantra Learning Technologies Corp to ensure e-learning is available to the students who prefer distance mode of education. Successful students receive a certificate on graduation and find employment as qualified security officers.

  • Advanced Training for Management Staff - Advanced security officer and supervisory training
  • Basic Security Officer Training - Security Guards & Supervisors
  • Security Supervisor Training - Security Guards & Supervisors
  • Specialized to job site or industry specific training - Security Guards & Supervisors
  • Strategic Training Plans

    Program Keywords:
  • Computer Networking and Internet Security
  • General Office
  • Management, Leadership and Training
  • Office Management and Administration
  • Police and Security Guard Training

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    1. Security Officer Career College

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