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(Law) LLB/MBA Combined Degree Program - University of Calgary

Haskayne School of Business

The University of Calgary's Haskayne School of Business and Faculty of Law offer the Master of Business Administration/Master of Law (MBA/LLB) degree, a 4-year, full-time program designed to educate students in the knowledge and abilities necessary to improve their effectiveness as legal advisors, managers, and policy makers by providing them with strong management skills and an in-depth understanding of law. Although the exact structure of the Program will vary from student to student, usually participants will spend 'the first year completing core studies in either law or business' and the second year 'completing core studies in the other program' with the remaining years combining business and law courses. Graduates of the MBA/LLB program will be prepared for careers in the business and legal professions, especially in fields where the two disciplines coincide. Interested applicants must apply directly to both the Haskayne School of Business and Faculty of Law and meet their respective admission requirements.

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