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Canada MBA Schools, Programs and Degrees

A Guide to Canadian Graduate Business Education

Interested in applying and studying for an MBA degree in Canada? We have created a guide to help you select a MBA school and program as efficiently as possible.

We have included 16 important criteria you should consider when choosing a MBA School. To help in your research, our guide contains detailed descriptions and profiles of 39 MBA schools and over 160 distinct MBA programs. Once the important decision of which MBA school you wish to attend has been decided, the process of applying can begin. Our guide to the MBA application process in Canada will help you know what information to supply in your application.

Our MBA guide also includes links to the department's admissions, course descriptions, tuition fees, financial aid, scholarship pages and other key and relevant information for a prospective MBA student.

Choosing an MBA School

What is the criteria for deciding on a Canadian MBA school and program in Canada? The search for the right MBA education in Canada requires takes time and effort but will be worthwhile if you want to find the proper degree for you. The following is a list of 16 of the most important things you should consider when selecting an MBA school and/or program in Canada

Profiles of MBA Schools in Canada

Extensive detailed profiles of universities in Canada offering MBA, business graduate and other post-graduate/PHD degree programs from 39 universities. Browse MBA school profiles by province and university in Canada. Detailed information for each school including the admissions requirements is provided.

Profiles of MBA Degrees in Canada

Descriptions of over 160 programs and degrees available in 39 MBA schools across Canada. MBA programs range from general MBA's and Executive MBA's to MBAs covering subjects such as Agribusiness, Aviation, Sport and Recreation, Global/International and Technology to name a few.

MBA Application Process in Canada

What should you be including in your MBA application? Once you have made the choice on which MBA school and program you would like to apply, you must supply the following information, as specified by the school to which you are applying.

The MBA in Canada

· Overview of a Canadian MBA degree
· History of the MBA in Canada
· MBA Tuition Fees for Canadians
· MBA International Tuition Fees
· Average and Required GMAT Scores
· MBA Application Deadlines
· Average Work Experience
· Average Student Age
· Gender Ratio of MBA Schools
· Average Class Sizes of MBA Schools

Type of MBA Programs

· Accounting and Finance MBA
· Agriculture and Forestry MBA
· CMA and MBA
· Executive MBA
· Health and Medical MBA
· Hospitality and Tourism MBA
· Human Resources MBA
· International MBA
· Master of Business Administration
· Master of Management
· Master of Public Administration
· Master of Science in Management
· MBA and Law
· Natural Resources and Energy MBA
· Part-time MBA
· PhD in Business Administration
· PhD in Management
· Public and Service Management MBA
· Science and Technology MBA

MBA Application Process

· MBA Application Forms
· Undergraduate Transcripts
· Letter of Appraisal
· Resume and Work Experience
· Extracurricular Activities
· Personal Letter
· Admission Interviews
· MBA Entrance Examinations
· MBA Application Fee
· Response to your MBA application
· International MBA Applicants

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