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Mount Saint Vincent University's Nancy’s Chair in Women’s Studies Wins National Award
Mount Saint Vincent University | November 17, 2006
On November 19, Mount Saint Vincent University’s (MSVU) 10th Nancy’s Chair in Women’s Studies, Dr. Christine Overall, will receive the 2006 Abbyann D. Lynch Medal in Bioethics from the Royal Society of Canada (RSC)....[continue]

University of Manitoba | October 16, 2006
At the 2006 Fall Convocation, three individuals will be given particular distinction for their work and commitment to the University and the people of Manitoba: Dr. John Foerster, Dr. Garry Martin and Ms Natalie Denesovych....[continue]

CCEPA Presents: Trust in Science - Setting the Scene: From Magician to Miracle Maker
St. Mary's University | October 6, 2006
In our day to day lives we invest a great deal of trust in science and its institutions to tell us the truth about ourselves, about the world we live in and our place in it - whether it's about the foods we eat, our health, the technologies we use, or our general sense of well-being....[continue]

Landis Will Benefit from "Forgiving" Anti-Doping Policy
University of Western Ontario | August 1, 2006
Ken Kirkwood, professor of kinesiology at The University of Western Ontario, specializes in the areas of bioethics and ethics in sport. He can be reached at 306-297-3921 or on his cell at 780-887-1029 today through Saturday regarding the analysis of Floyd Landis' "B" sample....[continue]

Sixteen elected to Royal Society of Canada Faculty members receive highest Canadian academic accolade
University of Toronto | July 20, 2006
Each year the Royal Society of Canada, this country’s oldest and most prestigious scholarly organization, elects new fellows to its ranks and 16 U of T top faculty members are among the 82 outstanding scholars, scientists and artists elected this year....[continue]

Experts sound off on pandemics and the media
University of Toronto | June 29, 2006
Town hall meeting spurs debate on SARS, avian flu and fear-mongering...[continue]

Kidney for Sale by Owner: The Loeb Conference Series on Organ Donation
University of Ottawa | March 30, 2006
There are more than 3,500 people awaiting organ transplants in Canada and up to 30 percent of those people are likely to die on the waiting list....[continue]

Former Ballerina, B.C. Entrepreneur and Mystery Writer Among Those with UBC Honorary Degrees
University of British Columbia | March 30, 2006
A former ballerina, a medical law professor who’s also a mystery writer, a B.C. entrepreneur and an Alberta university president are among the nine individuals who will receive UBC honorary degrees at Spring Congregation in Vancouver May 25 to 30....[continue]

Dalhousie Professor Receives Prestigious $100,000 Killam Prize
Dalhousie University | March 27, 2006
Dalhousie’s Susan Sherwin is among five national researchers to be honoured with the 2006 Killam Prize, Canada’s most distinguished annual awards for outstanding career achievements in engineering, natural sciences, humanities, social sciences and health sciences....[continue]

March Madness Hits the Office
University of Western Ontario | March 15, 2006
Commentary reflects the perspective and scholarly interest of faculty members at The University of Western Ontario and is not an articulation of official university policy on issues being addressed....[continue]

Bioterrorism fears should not hamper research, report says
University of Toronto | February 28, 2006
Researchers propose international network to safeguard biotechnology research...[continue]

Queen’s awarded new Ontario Research Chair in Bioethics
Queen's University | February 17, 2006
An Ontario Research Chair in Bioethics will be appointed at Queen's University as part of a new provincial government initiative investing $25 million to address key policy issues....[continue]

Report: Regulatory Obstacles Thwarting Biotechnology
University of Guelph | February 15, 2006
Canada will have to change the way it regulates scientific advances if it’s to benefit economically and socially from biotechnology innovation, according to a new report by a University of Guelph professor....[continue]

Cross-Border Transportation Studies Institute to be created at University of Windsor
University of Windsor | February 15, 2006
The University of Windsor has been awarded one of the prestigious new Ontario Research Policy Chairs endowed by the Provincial Government, Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities Chris Bentley announced this morning....[continue]

University of Ottawa Media Calendar: December 5 to December 11 2005
University of Ottawa | December 6, 2005
Here is a summary of the activities taking place at the University of Ottawa this week....[continue]

Medical researcher wins coveted CIHR Michael Smith PrizeTwo other U of T scientists honoured
University of Toronto | November 24, 2005
Renowned geneticist Janet Rossant of medical genetics and microbiology and chief of research at the Hospital for Sick Children was honoured with the 2005 Michael Smith Prize from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)....[continue]

Human cloning: Biotechnology expert to speak at TWU
Trinity Western University | October 20, 2005
Since the cloning of Dolly the sheep in 1996, the "biotech century" has repeatedly pushed the ethical limits of science....[continue]

Earthquakes, obesity, diabetes, epidemics, water - Issues, experts and ideas
Simon Fraser University | September 14, 2005
Southern Vancouver Island is silently shifting, an event known as an episodic tremor, adding pressure where two geographical plates, the Juan de Fuca Plate and the North American Plate, are locked....[continue]

Gambling Probe Rocks NHL - Commentator Available
University of Western Ontario | February 9, 2005
Commentary reflects the perspective and scholarly interest of faculty members at The University of Western Ontario and is not an articulation of official university policy on issues being addressed....[continue]



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