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Husband and wife doctor team provide healthy alternative to Googling
Queen's University | November 17, 2006
Husband and wife doctor team – Sanjay Sharma, an ophthalmologist, and family physician Susan Sharma – have created a new website that provides accurate, timely information for patients looking for medical answers online....[continue]

Five inducted into Community of Distinction
McMaster University | November 10, 2006
A champion of problem-based learning, a leader who shaped health care research, a facilitator of the new health sciences centre, a scientist of population health, and a nursing professor who took McMaster's multi-professional team-building approach abroad are being honoured by McMaster University's Faculty of Health Sciences....[continue]

U of T physician wins Giller Prize on first try
University of Toronto | November 8, 2006
Lam mixes passion for writing, medicine...[continue]

University of Manitoba | November 6, 2006
Programs will focus on HIV/AIDS prevention, care, support and treatment for vulnerable population....[continue]

McMaster establishes new graduate program in neuroscience
McMaster University | October 26, 2006
McMaster University has long been a leader in neurosciences, and a new graduate program will create an interdisciplinary, research-oriented training program....[continue]

McGill-Cornell study: Screening, earlier treatment would substantially boost lung cancer survival
McGill University | October 25, 2006
A groundbreaking international program guided by a McGill University researcher shows that proper screening followed by early treatment would dramatically reduce the number of deaths from lung cancer...[continue]

Funeral services Friday for Canadian heart pioneer
McMaster University | October 24, 2006
Funeral services will be held Friday, Oct. 27 for a McMaster University professor who was also a Canadian cardiology pioneer....[continue]

Unique bra eases women’s recovery from heart surgery
University of Calgary | October 22, 2006
A national clinical trial led by a University of Calgary researcher has found that wearing a specialized compression bra significantly reduces women’s breast pain following heart surgery....[continue]

It Takes a Society: Fighting Childhood Obesity
McGill University | October 18, 2006
The undisputed pandemic of childhood obesity worldwide threatens to be the major public health problem of the new century. We have created a modern society in which the first generation of children of the new millennium could be the first since the rise of the industrial revolution to have a shorter lifespan than its predecessors....[continue]

Nearly $14 million in CIHR funding for uOttawa researchers
University of Ottawa | October 16, 2006
Researchers at the University of Ottawa and its affiliate research institutions have received $13,816,386 in grants and scholarships from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)....[continue]

CIHR funds 52 McMaster studies
McMaster University | October 13, 2006
The EpiDREAM study, one of the world's largest studies of genetic causes of diabetes in adults and led by McMaster's Dr. Sonia Anand, will be receiving more than $1.6 million in funding over the next three years from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR)....[continue]

Acadia University to host 28th Annual Huggins Science Seminar
Acadia University | October 11, 2006
Acadia University will host the 28th Annual Huggins Science Seminar, Wednesday, October 18th, 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. in the auditorium of the K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre. This year’s distinguished speaker is Dr. Walter Willett, an expert in the field of Nutritional Epidemiology....[continue]

Queen's expert to help Ontario hospitals plan for pandemic
Queen's University | October 4, 2006
The Ontario Hospital Association has appointed a Queen's University expert in infectious diseases as head of a new project to help the province's hospitals prepare for the next global pandemic - which he believes is just a matter of time....[continue]

OVC Study Finds Bacterium in Dairy Calves
University of Guelph | October 4, 2006
A bacterium that is the major cause of one of the most common hospital infections in the world has been found in Ontario food animals by researchers at the Ontario Veterinary College....[continue]

Tibetan refugees face human rights abuses: Study
McMaster University | October 4, 2006
For 40 years, there has been a steady stream of Tibetans fleeing their homeland, seeking asylum in India and Nepal....[continue]

Blood transfusion-transmitted infections: A global perspective
McMaster University | October 3, 2006
Thanks to the many blood-safety interventions introduced since 1984, the overall risk for most transfusion-transmitted infections has become exceedingly small....[continue]

Building healthy homes
Simon Fraser University | September 28, 2006
A newly revamped complex of low-income housing could help its occupants, many of them children with asthma, breath easier....[continue]

Ethical Responsibilities to Be Examined at Animal Welfare Conference
University of Guelph | September 25, 2006
The ethical responsibilities surrounding animal welfare will be explored at the seventh annual Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) Animal Welfare Forum Sept. 30 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Lifetime Learning Centre....[continue]

McGill researchers debunk Oscar-winner 'longevity bonus'
McGill University | September 8, 2006
Previous study gave Academy Award winners unfair statistical advantage...[continue]

Arthritis drugs may protect the heart
McGill University | September 6, 2006
A new study by Dr. Samy Suissa, director of clinical epidemiology at the McGill University Health Centre's Royal Victoria Hospital, suggests that disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs, or DMARDs, may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease associated with rheumatoid arthritis....[continue]

McGill experts: Five years after 9/11
McGill University | September 1, 2006
The following McGill experts are available as sources for any stories on the fifth anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001...[continue]

Queen's in the News
Queen's University | August 31, 2006
Ken Wong (Business) continues to discuss why Toronto was not ranked in the top 10 U.S. and Canadian destinations by Travel and Leisure magazine, most recently in the Toronto Star....[continue]

Queen's in the News
Queen's University | August 29, 2006
Ken Wong (Business) discusses why Toronto was not ranked in the top 10 U.S. and Canadian destinations by Travel and Leisure magazine in the Toronto Star, St. Catherines Standard and Sault Star....[continue]

Assessing medical treatment pros and cons
McMaster University | August 24, 2006
Goeree appointed as new director of PATH...[continue]

Autism: New experts, new pathways
McGill University | August 21, 2006
By the end of their third summer school this week, six researchers will have completed a three-year training program for autism research. Created in 2003 by Dr. Éric Fombonne, a leading researcher and psychiatry professor at McGill University, the program is unique both in its form and content....[continue]

McGill presents its first cohort of autism researchers.
McGill University | August 21, 2006
By the end of their third summer school this week, six researchers will have completed a three-year training program for autism research....[continue]

Global study shows all tobacco bad for the heart
McMaster University | August 18, 2006
A major Canadian-led global study has found all forms of tobacco exposure, whether that be smoking, chewing or inhaling second hand smoke, increase the risk of heart attack....[continue]

Seeking the sex factor in knee pain
University of Calgary | August 2, 2006
New study searches for answers about why womensuffer more joint injuries than men...[continue]

McGill researcher maps slippery slope of teen smoking
McGill University | July 31, 2006
McGill epidemiologist Jennifer O'Loughlin has added another chapter to her six-year study of more than 1,200 adolescent smokers in Montreal, with a new map of 12 addiction "milestones" that will give fresh ammunition to both health care professionals and anti-smoking advocates....[continue]

98 per cent of Gaza’s children experience or witness war trauma - Queen’s study
Queen's University | July 31, 2006
First of its kind, study implores an end to political violence for Gaza’s "forgotten" children traumatized by chronic war....[continue]

StFX researchers receive $113,749 to help build capacity in Nova Scotia's health research community
St. Francis Xavier University | July 27, 2006
A team of StFX researchers will be at the forefront of building capacity in Nova Scotia's health research community thanks to five new grants worth $113,749 from the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation (NSHRF)....[continue]

New national chairs research climate and disease
Simon Fraser University | July 19, 2006
While the media trumpets warnings of global climate change almost daily, and pundits argue over who is right about this hot issue, where can we turn for credible data?...[continue]

New UW program trains professionals to protect and promote public health
University of Waterloo | July 17, 2006
The next generation of public health professionals will soon be able to receive advanced training at the University of Waterloo on the wide range of professional skills needed to prevent disease as well as protect and promote the health of populations in Canada and abroad....[continue]

Smoking to blame for more than half of differences in men's mortality risk across classes
University of Toronto | July 14, 2006
Quitting still the best response...[continue]

Holding a mirror up to humanity
McGill University | July 14, 2006
Statisticians who trace all matters biological to descend on McGill campus...[continue]

Abelson named CHEPA head
McMaster University | July 10, 2006
Dr. Julia Abelson has been named director for the Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis (CHEPA) effective September 1, 2006....[continue]

U of T hosts inaugural Global Health Summer Institute
University of Toronto | June 22, 2006
Researchers, media unite to discuss risk communication and pandemics...[continue]

Seniors sensitive to community characteristics
McMaster University | June 22, 2006
Municipal governments can play a key role in facilitating a low-cost approach to keeping seniors healthier, and thereby reduce their need for costly health care services....[continue]

Better analysis for better decisions
McMaster University | June 16, 2006
Some of the world's leading researchers who specialize in assessing the costs and benefits of health interventions ranging from pacemakers to diagnostic imaging to new drug therapies will gather at McMaster University next week for a two-day conference....[continue]

Health Disparities Focus of New U of S-Led Research Projects
University of Saskatchewan | May 29, 2006
Three University of Saskatchewan-led research teams have been awarded $2.3 million over five years to explore health inequities among vulnerable populations including Aboriginal people, minority francophones, and disadvantaged people in Saskatoon....[continue]



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