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Sea urchins and humans share genes
Simon Fraser University | November 16, 2006
Simon Fraser University molecular biologists have helped a worldwide team of scientists make a discovery that could advance doctors’ understanding of how genetic diseases occur and how to treat them....[continue]

Thyroid cancer discovery points to new treatments, prevention
Queen's University | November 15, 2006
The actions of a mutated protein in cells linked to thyroid cancer have been uncovered by researchers at Queen’s University....[continue]

U of S VIDO team discovers key step in flu virus replication
University of Saskatchewan | November 15, 2006
As public health officials around the world keep a nervous eye on the spread of avian influenza, the University of Saskatchewan's Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO) has uncovered a key step in how the influenza virus causes infection....[continue]

New Sprott Centre for Stem Cell Research to place Ottawa at forefront of medical revolution
University of Ottawa | November 15, 2006
Stem cell research has the potential to transform medicine and provide pioneering regenerative approaches to treatment of some of the world’s most debilitating diseases, said Dr. Michael Rudnicki, Director of the Sprott Centre for Stem Cell Research, during the Centre’s grand opening ceremony in Ottawa today....[continue]

Two York profs receive Early Researcher Awards
York University | November 9, 2006
York University professors Denise Henriques and Stephen Wright have been awarded funding under the Ontario government’s Early Researcher Award program for their work in two important fields: the brain’s use of sensory information to control action, and genome research related to Canadian plants....[continue]

Young faculty receive provincial awards to build research teams
University of Waterloo | November 8, 2006
Fourteen young faculty members at the University of Waterloo have received Ontario's early researcher awards aimed at helping them build their research teams....[continue]

Newfoundland and Labrador Lieutenant Governor to speak on war and remembrance at event in Toronto
Memorial University of Newfoundland | November 8, 2006
Newfoundland and Labrador’s lieutenant-governor will be the keynote speaker at the second annual Affinity Newfoundland and Labrador Dinner scheduled to take place on Wednesday, Nov. 15 at the Marriott Yorkville in Toronto....[continue]

Barcode of Life
Mount Allison University | November 8, 2006
What’s the most effective way to categorize all living species? This sounds like a daunting task but Mount Allison researchers are part of a group who are working on the answer to this question....[continue]

Seven Guelph Researchers Get Provincial Support
University of Guelph | November 7, 2006
Seven University of Guelph professors are among 104 leading researchers province-wide who each received $100,000 in support today from the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation’s Early Researcher Award program....[continue]

McMaster establishes new graduate program in neuroscience
McMaster University | October 26, 2006
McMaster University has long been a leader in neurosciences, and a new graduate program will create an interdisciplinary, research-oriented training program....[continue]

Fruit fly dating game provides clues to our reproductive prowess
Queen's University | October 23, 2006
Researchers have discovered that seeking out the most attractive mate may be unhealthy for any offspring....[continue]

Gairdner Awards bring top medical minds to U of T
University of Toronto | October 20, 2006
Prestigious event here Oct. 24-27...[continue]

Memorial University of Newfoundland releases 2005-2006 President’s Report on DVD and web
Memorial University of Newfoundland | October 20, 2006
The same day as more than 500 students crossed the stage during Memorial’s fall convocation ceremonies in St. John’s, Dr. Axel Meisen officially released the 2005-2006 President’s Report and presented elements of this year’s report to those attending the ceremonies....[continue]

University of Manitoba | October 20, 2006
42 new projects include studies of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease and prenatal care....[continue]

Women's Math Performance Affected by Theories on Sex Differences: UBC Researchers
University of British Columbia | October 19, 2006
[News editors: UBC provides ISDN lines for radio interviews and a TV studio with fibre optic access to facilitate double-ender interviews.]...[continue]

Fruit fly 'hibernation' linked to single important gene
University of Toronto | October 16, 2006
Findings have potential to develop new agricultural and medical techniques...[continue]

U of T researchers receive $65 million from CIHR
University of Toronto | October 13, 2006
Health Minister Tony Clement on campus for announcement...[continue]

CIHR funds 52 McMaster studies
McMaster University | October 13, 2006
The EpiDREAM study, one of the world's largest studies of genetic causes of diabetes in adults and led by McMaster's Dr. Sonia Anand, will be receiving more than $1.6 million in funding over the next three years from the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR)....[continue]

Ottawa Life Science Innovators Honoured at OLSC Annual Achievement Awards Dinner
University of Ottawa | October 4, 2006
The Ottawa Life Sciences Council’s (OLSC) 13th Annual Achievement Awards Dinner celebrates the outstanding achievements and innovations of Ottawa-area individuals, teams and companies....[continue]

Research symposium on genomics
Memorial University of Newfoundland | October 3, 2006
A research symposium titled Innovations in Genomics Research: Implications for Health Services and Policy will be held Oct. 19 at the Fairmont Hotel in St. John’s....[continue]

Elizabeth Dawson becomes Brandon University's first Environmental Sciences graduate
Brandon University | October 3, 2006
Brandon University is pleased to announce that, in October 2006, Elizabeth Dawson will become the first graduate of the Brandon University Environmental Sciences program, which was introduced in September 2003....[continue]

Memorial University president visits Labrador
Memorial University of Newfoundland | September 28, 2006
Dr. Axel Meisen, president and vice-chancellor of Memorial University, will be in Happy Valley-Goose Bay on Friday, Sept. 29, 2006, to meet with community leaders and university stakeholders....[continue]

Memorial University welcomes world-renowned computer science expert
Memorial University of Newfoundland | September 21, 2006
One of North America’s most respected and lauded computer scientists will deliver a special lecture at Memorial University of Newfoundland next week....[continue]

UBC Opens $4.8-million Dairy and Avian Facilities at Agassiz Research Centre
University of British Columbia | September 15, 2006
New University of British Columbia facilities in Agassiz, B.C., will house research to improve the welfare of cattle and conserve avian genetic diversity -- research that will be essential for meeting international concerns over the well-being of animals in food production systems, and for protecting global avian stocks against dangerous new viruses....[continue]

UBC Research Major Contributor to World’s First Tree Genome
University of British Columbia | September 14, 2006
An international team of scientists, including seven from the University of British Columbia, has completed the world’s first physical map and sequencing of a tree genome -- and the third plant ever sequenced -- providing important insight into the future development of alternative fuels, forest health and wood quality....[continue]

University of Ottawa supports health research through creation of three new Chairs
University of Ottawa | September 6, 2006
Dr. Mona Nemer, Vice President of Research at the University of Ottawa, is pleased to announce the creation of three new University Health Research Chairs, to be held at the Ottawa Health Research Institute (OHRI), a university-affiliated institute at The Ottawa Hospital....[continue]

Sex is Good for Evolution: UBC Researcher
University of British Columbia | September 5, 2006
UBC evolution biologist Sarah Otto has proof that sex is good for you -- and the human species as a whole....[continue]

It’s all in the genes
Mount Allison University | August 25, 2006
While most of us are busy getting rid of fruit flies this time of year, Mount Allison University biology student Aaron Robichaud and biochemistry student Alana Newman are making ample use of them through an exciting summer research project....[continue]

Pre-Confederation census data to become a unique research asset
Memorial University of Newfoundland | August 23, 2006
This week, Memorial University and the Newfoundland and Labrador Statistics Agency (NLSA) of the Economics and Statistics Branch of the Department of Finance will showcase their leading role in a massive project to digitize census data when national players for the Canadian Century Research Infrastructure (CCRI) project gather in St. John’s from August 25-27....[continue]

Seven Garner Royal Society Medals, Awards
University of Toronto | August 23, 2006
Prizes a tribute to the outstanding contributions made by Canadians...[continue]

McGill presents its first cohort of autism researchers.
McGill University | August 21, 2006
By the end of their third summer school this week, six researchers will have completed a three-year training program for autism research....[continue]

Autism: New experts, new pathways
McGill University | August 21, 2006
By the end of their third summer school this week, six researchers will have completed a three-year training program for autism research. Created in 2003 by Dr. Éric Fombonne, a leading researcher and psychiatry professor at McGill University, the program is unique both in its form and content....[continue]

Brandon University’s Dr. Wendy Untereiner wins her second Mycological Society of America research award
Brandon University | August 10, 2006
Dr. Wendy Untereiner, an Associate Professor in the Brandon University Department of Botany and a Canada Research Chair in Resource Management and the Environment, has been awarded the 2006 C.J Alexopoulos Prize...[continue]

Seeking the sex factor in knee pain
University of Calgary | August 2, 2006
New study searches for answers about why womensuffer more joint injuries than men...[continue]

What's the buzz about Shad Valley?
McMaster University | July 31, 2006
A bubbling of chattering voices fills the halls of the DeGroote School of Business in anticipation of the culmination of weeks of learning and hard work. These summertime guests of McMaster's engineering, science and business faculties have gathered for a final presentation of this year's SHAD Valley student prototypes....[continue]

UNBC Hosts Second Western Canada Conference on RNA Genetic Research
University of Northern British Columbia | July 22, 2006
50 researchers – primarily from BC and Alberta – will be meeting at UNBC on July 24-25 to present some of their findings on the frontier of genetic research....[continue]

Sixteen elected to Royal Society of Canada Faculty members receive highest Canadian academic accolade
University of Toronto | July 20, 2006
Each year the Royal Society of Canada, this country’s oldest and most prestigious scholarly organization, elects new fellows to its ranks and 16 U of T top faculty members are among the 82 outstanding scholars, scientists and artists elected this year....[continue]

Eight new Canada Research Chairs announced U of T’s total now 223
University of Toronto | July 19, 2006
The new chairs were announced July 19 by Maxime Bernier, minister of industry and minister responsible for the Canada Research Chairs program....[continue]

U of S Researchers Awarded $800,000 for Mad Cow Vaccine and Chronic Wasting Disease Research
University of Saskatchewan | July 18, 2006
Two University of Saskatchewan research teams have been awarded nearly $800,000 from PrioNet Canada to help develop vaccines for mad cow and similar diseases and to track the spread of chronic wasting disease (CWD) in deer in the wild....[continue]

U of G Prof Publishes 'Insect Collection'
University of Guelph | July 17, 2006
A University of Guelph entomologist has published a new insect book that is so extensive, it’s being called "an insect collection between covers."...[continue]



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