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Was Einstein Right?

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October 17, 2005

Source: St. Francis Xavier University:

Was Einstein Right?

ANTIGONISH, NS --- After 100 years... was Einstein right? The public is invited to delve into the most celebrated scientific theory of the 20th Century.

Clifford Will, Professor of Physics at Washington University in St. Louis, will talk about the testing of relativity and its importance in everyday life on Tuesday, Oct. 25 at 8 pm at St. Francis Xavier University's Charles Keating Millennium Centre. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Einstein's 'miracle year' of 1905, and the World Year of Physics 2005 (as proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations), Professor Will will relate the story of the testing of relativity, from the 1919 measurements of the bending of light, to the 1980s measurements of a decaying double-neutron-star system that reveal the action of gravity waves. He will also discuss a 2005 space experiment to test whether space time 'does the twist.' He will show how a revolution in astronomy and technology led to a renaissance of general relativity and how it plays an important role in daily life.

This event is explicitly tailored for the general public. No mathematical or scientific knowledge is necessary or will be assumed. Admission is free but tickets are required and advance registration is recommended. Tickets can be obtained in advance at the Keating Millennium Centre Box Office or at the door. The lecture will be in the main arena of the Millennium Centre. Doors will open at 7:30pm. For more information contact Michael Steinitz, StFX Department of Physics, (902)-867-3909.



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