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Studying Physical Chemistry in Canada

Physical chemistry students learn the various physical laws that govern chemistry. They learn about thermodynamics: the conversion of energy into heat and work. They also study the ways in which the conversion process can be altered by changing variables such as pressure and temperature within a system. The laws of thermochemistry are studied to describe the heat or energy flow of chemical reactions, which helps determine whether a reaction is endothermic or exothermic.

Students also learn about quantum chemistry: how molecules bond to one another by applying principles of quantum field theory and quantum mechanics. Studies also include chemical kinetics: the rates of chemical processes and how changing variables such as pressure and temperature change the rate at which reactions occur.

Students learn to combine these aspects of physical chemistry with statistical thermodynamics. They learn about energy distribution in chemical systems, and also how it links the microscopic and macroscopic worlds. They also learn to interpret the macroscopic properties of various types of matter in relation to the interactions between their constituent microscopic molecules and particles.

Physical chemistry relies heavily on mathematics. Therefore students must learn mathematical skills such as differential and integral calculus, and linear algebra in ordinary and partial differentials. Other studies include complex variables. Also, students of physical chemistry usually study certain fields of physics such as solid-state physics.

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