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Research in Physics in Canada

Research opportunities for students studying Physics.

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Physics Research Areas and Disciplines

Many of today's technological advancements and developments start from fundamental research in physics. This includes advanced materials for the next generation of electronics, more environmentally friendly technologies, and new medicines and medical procedures. Recent examples are flat screen TVs, medical imaging instruments, and space probes.

Canada hosts the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, which is used to study neutrinos arriving from the sun. SNO is designed to determine whether the currently observed solar neutrino deficit is a result of neutrino oscillations, or due to an error in current theories.

There is also ongoing research into medical physic. This includes x-ray imaging, computer simulations for radiotherapy treatment planning, the use of ultrasound to produce local thermal therapy for cancer treatment, and the application of positron emitters for tumors

Researchers are also focused on coming up with solutions for instrumentation, measurement techniques, and model development in many areas. This includes lasers and optics, environmental science, medicine, space science, automotives, electricity and magnetism, nuclear science, and materials science. See the various articles on these subjects for recent advances in research.

Study and Work in Physics in Canada

Study Physics in Canada
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