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What Physics Students Learn

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Studying Physics in Canada

Since physics is such a fundamental science, students learn to investigate phenomena, be flexible in their thinking, and test theories according to the scientific method. Students learn to communicate ideas in spoken and written form. Enjoyment of problem solving and working with mathematics and computers is important. In addition to learning about physics, students also gain fundamental learning skills, applicable to many other branches of science.

Specifically, students learn about the various physical laws. This includes Newton's three laws of motion, the law of gravity, and the law of conservation of mass-energy. Students also learn modern physics theories such Einstein's theory of relativity and wave particle duality. Quantum physics theories include the Heisenberg uncertainty principle and quantum entanglement and nonlocality.

A typical undergraduate curriculum includes substantial hands-on laboratory work, and often includes the opportunity for industry study as well.

See the articles on the various subdisciplines of physics for more information on learning opportunities in these fields.

Study and Work in Physics in Canada

Study Physics in Canada
What is Physics? Discover similiar and related programs and universities in Canada offering Physics degrees.

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Career and Employment Opportunities in Physics
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