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Research in Theoretical Physics in Canada

Research opportunities for students studying Theoretical Physics.

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Theoretical Physics Research Areas and Disciplines

One of the major hurdles in theoretical physics is the question of how to construct a consistent quantum theory of gravity. The only proposal that currently seems to avoid a number of technical problems is string theory. Researchers are attempting to develop string phenomenology theory to influence and provide guidance for model building. See the article on particle physics for more information.

Theoretical physicists are also working on the idea of the existence of extra dimensions beyond the four we know of. There have been explorations to discover extra large and extra small dimensions, in an attempt to explain the fundamental forces other than gravity, and to also explain the weakness of gravity.

Theoretical and mathematical physicists are also working to understand the nature of the very early universe. They are examining cosmic microwave background radiation as well as the apparent acceleration of distant supernovae to suggest that the universe underwent an early period of inflation, followed by a hot big bang, and most recently a new period of acceleration. They are also examining the universe for signs of dark matter and dark energy, which is needed to explain certain current theories in physics and may form the cosmological constant.

Study and Work in Theoretical Physics in Canada

Study Theoretical Physics in Canada
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