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Profile of Liaison College Toronto-Downtown Campus

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Liaison College Toronto-Downtown Campus

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Liaison College Toronto-Downtown Campus is based in the province Ontario and mainly focuses on the preparation of classic French cuisine. It currently offers three diploma programs on culinary and chef training. The college has a 90% placement rate for its graduates, with many students finding employment in the restaurant or catering business.

While the teaching style at Liaison College Toronto-Downtown Campus does focus on French cuisine, students are also encouraged to think creatively and experiment with new recipes. This ties in with the duties of a chef, who must know how to create new dishes and plan menus. The courses are open to all kinds of students, from the serious culinary professional looking to establish a career in the food sector to an ordinary person simply looking to try something new in the kitchen.

The college offers a Cook Basic diploma training program which provides both theoretical and practical instruction in classic cooking techniques. The Cook Advanced diploma covers aspects such as food quality, creativity, costing and management as well as meal presentation. The personal chef diploma course covers small business skills, marketing and advertising apart from food preparation training.

Liaison College Toronto-Downtown Campus also offers a number of International Sommelier Courses, which offer training in the finer aspects of wine tasting. There are currently two certificate courses and one diploma course being offered, which cater to the needs of wine enthusiasts and serious chefs looking for the perfect complement to a gourmet meal.

  • Advertising / Promotion - Personal Chef Diploma
  • Basic Calculations - Personal Chef Diploma
  • Basic Communications - Personal Chef Diploma
  • Basic Culinary Techniques - Personal Chef Diploma
  • Basic Food Theory - Personal Chef Diploma
  • Basic Nutrition - Cook Basic Diploma Program
  • Basic Nutrition - Personal Chef Diploma
  • Business Management - Personal Chef Diploma
  • Cuisine A La Carte - Cook Advanced Diploma Program
  • Culinary Techniques - Advanced - Cook Advanced Diploma Course
  • Culinary Techniques Basic - Cook Basic Diploma Program
  • Food Theory - Advanced - Cook Advanced Diploma Course
  • Food Theory Basic - Cook Basic Diploma Program
  • Food, Beverage and Labour Cost Controls - Cook Advanced Diploma Program
  • Internet Marketing / Websites - Personal Chef Diploma
  • Kitchen Management - Cook Basic Diploma Program
  • Kitchen Management - Personal Chef Diploma
  • MasterCook Software - Personal Chef Diploma
  • Pastry, Desserts and Related Theory - Cook Advanced Diploma Course
  • Quantity Food Preparation - Cook Basic Diploma Program
  • Quantity Food Preparation - Personal Chef Diploma
  • Sanitation, Safety and Equipment - Cook Basic Diploma Program
  • Sanitation, Safety and Equipment - Personal Chef Diploma
  • Techniques of Baking - Cook Basic Diploma Program

    Program Keywords:
  • Business Administration and Management
  • Computer and Software Programming
  • Cooking and Baking
  • Food, Beverage and Bartending
  • General Art
  • General Business
  • Internet and Web Design
  • Management, Leadership and Training
  • Nutrition
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Workplace Safety and WHMIS

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    1. Liaison College Toronto-Downtown Campus

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