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British Columbia Audio Engineering and Recording Programs

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Audio Engineering and Recording diplomas, programs, courses offered in British Columbia, Canada.

Audio Engineering and Recording

Detailed description and/or location of Audio Engineering and Recording Programs.

Career Colleges with Audio Engineering and Recording Programs, Courses and Degrees in British Columbia

Art Institute of Vancouver, Burnaby
The Art Institute of Vancouver makes creative professionals of its students, arming them with an impressive portfolio. Through their technical training and practicum students are prepared for a successful career in Art by instructors who are also talented working professionals. Accredited by various prestigious institutions, the Art Institute of Vancouver provides its students with the atmosphere that nurtures success.
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Heli-College Canada Training, Langley
Heli-College Canada Training Inc. offers students commercial as well as private helicopter license training. The institution offers customized training as well as refresher programs for organizations to meet their specific goals. It also offers instructor and instrument rating programs. It is one of the four helicopter training institutions that have received accreditation from the Private Career Training Institutions Agency.
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Hot Sole Music, Port Coquitlam
Hot Sole Music Inc. offers the most affordable yet excellent quality Audio engineering program. The class size is very small, guaranteeing personalized attention to each student. The program lasts from Monday to Friday for 4 hours each day. Three sets of three students are taught in morning, afternoon, and evening shifts. The programs are offered in February and August.
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Sooke Adventure Tourism School, Sooke
Sooke Adventure Tourism School is located in Sooke in British Columbia, Canada. It offers certificates and diplomas in different areas of adventure tourism like leadership training and camp management. This private career college is accredited with the Private Career Training Institutions Agency of British Columbia. Students who complete a course can start a career as an adventure sports instructor.
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Native Education Centre, Vancouver
Based in Vancouver, Canada, the Native Education Centre is the largest Aboriginal career college in the state. It aims to provide quality vocational training to aboriginals through various community programs. Courses offered include technology, tourism, interpreting and land stewardship. Apart from training, the college also provides education and financial aid counseling to students.
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Pacific Audio Visual Institute, Vancouver
PAVI uses state-of-the-art equipment to train its students to become future experts in their chosen field. All five programs aim to provide in-depth knowledge and extensive training in their respective fields. With PAVI, students get a taste of the real-world working environment. From the first day, students get to learn to interact in a professional environment.
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Columbia Academy, Vancouver
For anyone looking for a career in film, television or radio, the Columbia Academy provides ideal training ground. The college offers courses in production, hosting, journalism, design and other activities related to electronic media. Facilities at the college incude multiple recording studios and private radio stations. Seminars, guest lectures and practical coursework enhance the quality of programs offered at the college.
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Lasalle College International Vancouver, Vancouver
LaSalle College Vancouver has been offering many career-oriented programs in the field of design as well as helping students learn languages by offering various educative language programs. All the instructors are highly qualified and as the curriculum is constantly updated the students are provided quality education. The fact that the class size is limited to 14 students ensures that personalized attention is given to the students.
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