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Transport Training Academy

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Transport Training Academy Ltd. is a world-class truck driver training facility that operates from a trucking company. This exposes the students to real life ambience and also allows the students to have a hands on experience on all large equipments like flatbed tandems, vans, 6 axles, B-Trains, 5 axles, Curtain Slider, Rack and Tarps. The college has up-to-date training facilities including a huge practice yard measuring up to 9 acres. The college is very strict on the safety rules. The courses train all the students with confidence to handle the huge equipments.

The students at Transport Training Academy Ltd. are given wide-ranging classroom training on Pre Trip Inspections, Dangerous Goods, Log Books, Drugs and Alcohol, Hours of Service and Defensive Driving. By the time the students complete their training, they will have towed a number of different loads and will also have an exposure to real life experience, which is very essential. The college does not believe in taking number of hours as a parameter of excellence in training. Instead, it is more interested in knowing whether the student is confident enough to take up a full-fledged career in the transportation industry. That is the parameter of excellence.

Transport Training Academy Ltd. has string networks with a number of transport company recruiters and thus it is easy for them to place their students suitably. The students have a strong knowledge base and thus they are preferred by the employers.

  • Air Brake Endorsement - Truck Training
  • Border Crossing & Customs Paperwork Training - Truck Training
  • Commercial Defensive Driving Program - Truck Training
  • Driver evaluations for Annual reviews
  • DZ-AZ evaluations - Truck Training
  • G to AZ upgrade - lift truck operator certificate - Truck Training
  • G to DZ upgrade - lift truck operator certificate - Truck Training
  • Hours of Service - Truck Training
  • Lift Truck Operators Certificate
  • Load Security - Truck Training
  • Seniors AZ renewal program - Truck Training
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods - Truck Training
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods Certificate Program
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods Renewals
  • truck driver training
  • WHMIS training

    Program Keywords:
  • Management, Leadership and Training
  • Microsoft
  • Recreation, Leisure and Sports
  • Truck Driver and Driving
  • Workplace Safety and WHMIS

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    1. Transport Training Academy

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