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Malaspina’s Welding Program marks 50th Anniversary
Malaspina University College | November 7, 2006
Like all trades, welding is not what it was 50 years ago when the Vocational Training School (VTS) began offering it in Nanaimo....[continue]

Queen's in the News
Queen's University | November 6, 2006
Kathleen Lahey’s (Law) opinion piece about Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s Tax Fairness Plan appears in the Toronto Star....[continue]

Mongolian author to read at Malaspina University-College
Malaspina University College | October 24, 2006
Mongolian author, chieftain, shaman and poet Galsan Tschinag is visiting Malaspina University-College’s Nanaimo campus for a free reading from his latest book, The Blue Sky....[continue]

Malaspina Media Lecture Series great place for open dialogue
Malaspina University College | October 20, 2006
The public is invited to dig into some hot topics during Malaspina University-College’s new Media Lecture Series....[continue]

Malaspina’s new Faller Training program gets corporate backing
Malaspina University College | October 18, 2006
Malaspina University-College’s new Faller Training program, offered in partnership with the BC Forest Safety Council, has received full industry backing with a list of generous donations....[continue]

Malaspina collaborates on development of early childhood education for Indonesia
Malaspina University College | October 18, 2006
Educators half-a-world away are helping enhance learning for young Indonesian children, thanks to a collaborative project between Malaspina University-College in Nanaimo and Widya Mandala Catholic University in Surabaya, Indonesia....[continue]

Education gamble pays off with new career in pulp and paper industry
Malaspina University College | October 13, 2006
From Cuba, to Panama, to Nanaimo, the Fiandor family has steadily overcome challenges to build a better life....[continue]

New Memorial Scholarships share parents' support for post-secondary education
Malaspina University College | October 12, 2006
Sydney and Thelma Mansbridge encouraged all three of their children into post-secondary education and on to successful careers. Now those children are sharing their parents’ support with others, by endowing two memorial scholarships at Malaspina University-College....[continue]

Sharing the university experience
Malaspina University College | October 6, 2006
Pamela and Sofia Walker always joked about ending up at the same school, but they never thought it would happen....[continue]

New jazz degree program at Malaspina expands musical palette
Malaspina University College | October 6, 2006
Beethoven didn’t blow the blues....[continue]

New Malaspina University-College Board Chair announced
Malaspina University College | October 5, 2006
Mr. Robin Kenyon was acclaimed as the new Board of Governors Chair during the regular meeting of the Board last week....[continue]

Canadian Dionne Brand the 2006 Distinguished Poet at Malaspina
Malaspina University College | October 4, 2006
Governor General Award winning poet Dionne Brand has accepted the appointment as the 2006 Distinguished Poet for the Ralph Gustafson Poetry Chair at Malaspina University-College and will be visiting the campus to kick-off her one-year posting later this month....[continue]

Elizabeth Dawson becomes Brandon University's first Environmental Sciences graduate
Brandon University | October 3, 2006
Brandon University is pleased to announce that, in October 2006, Elizabeth Dawson will become the first graduate of the Brandon University Environmental Sciences program, which was introduced in September 2003....[continue]

Career prospects bright at carpentry celebration
Malaspina University College | September 29, 2006
Burgers, cake, customized T-shirts and the promise of future careers in the construction industry rewarded 18 students from Malaspina University-College who framed a 1,520 square foot house as part of their Carpentry Framer Technician training....[continue]

Campus Ambassador renews lifetime of helping students
Malaspina University College | September 27, 2006
He might have been a beardless Santa, dropping by Malaspina during his off-season to give the gift of guidance to confused, first-year Malaspina University-College students....[continue]

Women's conference benefits women's centre with $2,800 donation
Malaspina University College | September 25, 2006
Nanaimo area women are benefiting by $2,800 from an International Women’s Day conference held at Malaspina University-College March 8....[continue]

Malaspina to offer business program in India
Malaspina University College | September 22, 2006
Students in India will soon be able to earn a Malaspina diploma without leaving their country....[continue]

Academic passion sparked by Parksville-Qualicum Centre classes
Malaspina University College | September 20, 2006
An unexpected global adventure in learning started with first-year English courses at Malaspina University-College’s Parksville-Qualicum Centre....[continue]

Ideas behind Illustration earn $1,000 award for Malaspina Graphic Arts student
Malaspina University College | September 14, 2006
It was the quality of his ideas combined with technical excellence that earned Malaspina University-College Applied Arts - Graphics student Scott Booth the annual $1,000 Copeland Communications Award....[continue]

Female Malaspina Grad embraces non-traditional career in pulp and paper
Malaspina University College | September 11, 2006
To achieve guaranteed employment, a starting income of $50,000, great benefits and opportunity for advancement, all Charlene Storti needed was nine months of training and the confidence to embrace a traditionally male job....[continue]

Malaspina University-College Culinary Art student earns $1000 scholarship
Malaspina University College | September 8, 2006
Endless enthusiasm, effort and work ethic earned Malaspina University-College Culinary Arts student Jennifer Cline a $1000 scholarship from the Canadian Restaurant and Food Services Association....[continue]

Poets On Campus series starts at Mal-U
Malaspina University College | September 7, 2006
Experience poetry the way it was meant to be – live and out loud during weekly poetry events at Malaspina University-College....[continue]

Baking Association to host Annual General Meeting at Mal-U
Malaspina University College | September 5, 2006
Vancouver Island baking professionals will descend on Malaspina University-College’s Nanaimo campus for the second annual Baking Association of Canada, BC Chapter, Island Committee Annual General Meeting, Sept. 18....[continue]

Acadia names Dr. George Iwama Acting Vice-President Academic
Acadia University | September 5, 2006
C: 902.670.8966...[continue]

ElderCollege classes kick off the fall season
Malaspina University College | August 30, 2006
You’re never too old to do new tricks or learn them, as many Nanaimo seniors have discovered....[continue]

Checklist for success at Malaspina University-College
Malaspina University College | August 28, 2006
Launching a successful year at Malaspina University-College starts before the first class....[continue]

Computer crime fighting
Malaspina University College | August 21, 2006
Malaspina University-College graduate Arnold Guerin uses his education to save children and track down criminals for police officers across Canada....[continue]

Malaspina’s Centre for Continuing Studies gears up for fall
Malaspina University College | August 21, 2006
The new Malaspina University-College Centre for Continuing Studies Fall Calendar is set to hit your door August 29....[continue]

Malaspina enrichment program opens university courses to secondary students
Malaspina University College | August 17, 2006
Three Kwalikum Senior Secondary students may finish high school with university credits, thanks to a recently-expanded Malaspina University-College program that allows students to take first-year university courses while still in Grade 12....[continue]

Education that ‘works’ offered in Nanaimo for 70 years
Malaspina University College | August 11, 2006
This fall is no different, with more than 500 students enrolled in Trades and Applied Technology courses at Malaspina University-College. Here they get a practical, hands-on, nuts and bolts education that gives them the skill to keep power in our engines, roofs over our heads, warmth in our buildings, food on our tables, and data in our computers....[continue]

Milner Gardens’ jazz concert strikes summer high note
Malaspina University College | August 10, 2006
Summer strikes a high note at Milner Gardens’ third annual Jazz in the Garden, a magical display of musical virtuosity held August 20 in this equally magical Qualicum Beach setting....[continue]

Cowichan Campus offers courses that respond to local needs
Malaspina University College | August 8, 2006
When the North American Indigenous Games come to Duncan in 2008, athletes will enjoy a world-class experience, thanks in part to a new program being introduced this fall by the Cowichan campus of Malaspina University-College....[continue]

Malaspina University-College to host new professional baking competition
Malaspina University College | July 27, 2006
The Baking Association of Canada, BC Chapter, Island Committee is hosting a special Apprentice and Trainee Baking Competition as part of the new chapter’s second Annual General Meeting at Malaspina University-College, Nanaimo campus, September 18....[continue]

Malaspina English professor publishes two books on literature
Malaspina University College | July 20, 2006
Dr. Richard J. Lane, an English professor at Malaspina University-College in Nanaimo, has recently added to his extensive publication list with two new academic books, called Fifty Key Literary Theorists (London & New York: Routledge) and The Postcolonial Novel (Cambridge: Polity)....[continue]

Malaspina Information Tech student wins new award
Malaspina University College | July 14, 2006
For Malaspina University-College Information Technology and Applied Systems (ITAS) student, Steven Barre, working with computers is award enough....[continue]

Interim dean appointed to Malaspina University-College Education Department
Malaspina University College | July 14, 2006
Education has always been a passion for Patrick Ross....[continue]

Provincial initiative and Mal-U to support tourism in rural BC
Malaspina University College | July 12, 2006
Distance isn’t the only thing coming between BC’s rural communities and their future in the tourism industry....[continue]

Professors' book explores BC Theatre
Thompson Rivers University | July 7, 2006
Ginny Ratsoy, who teaches English at Thompson Rivers University, has recently had her book, Theatre in British Columbia, published by Playwrights Canada Press, as part of its series Critical Perspectives on Canadian Theatre in English....[continue]

Malaspina University-College announces new naming initiative
Malaspina University College | July 5, 2006
Corporations, businesses and individuals can purchase a piece of Malaspina University-College’s $9 million Faculty of Management Centre and name it for themselves thanks to a new initiative....[continue]

A trail named for him
Malaspina University College | June 27, 2006
Nanaimo resident David Smith recently had a pleasant surprise during a walk through the Malaspina University-College Forest off of Jingle Pot Road....[continue]



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