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Research in Equine Science in Canada

Research opportunities for students studying Equine Science.

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Equine Science Research Areas and Disciplines

Examples of current equine research include disease control, and the development of equine pharmaceutical products such as antibiotics to combat those which are harmful. Researchers collaborate with those in other fields such as agriculture, aquaculture, or zoo breeding programs to come up with the best defenses against diseases spread within high-risk (eg. crowded stables, genetically similar animals, etc).

Equine health is of utmost importance to breeders, and efforts are underway to understand equine sudden deaths. There is currently research into cardiology and respiratory ailments of horses, and efforts to minimize or eliminate these issues, especially for racing horses which are under additional physiological strain. As well, the study of breeding programs can reduce the chances of foals having chronic cardiac problems.

Drug detection methodology is being developed in an attempt to detect horses which have undergone drug doping for racing purposes.

Study and Work in Equine Science in Canada

Study Equine Science in Canada
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