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Research in Geological Engineering in Canada

Research opportunities for students studying Geological Engineering.

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Geological Engineering Research Areas and Disciplines

Much of the research in geological engineering is in collaboration with geotechnical and mining engineers. Some geological engineering revolves around creating safer environments for mine workers. This includes research into designing more effective and safer mine shafts using mathematical modeling, resolving ventilation issues, and effects of blasting.

Other research focuses more on the economics of mineral exploration, such as feasibility studies for minerals that are in difficult-to-reach spots. New techniques to extract these valuable minerals are currently underway, and deposits that are currently unattainable may become so in the near future.

The use of geographic information systems (GIS) is also being investigated with regards to its potential uses for mineral exploration and extraction, and also for surveying of these deposits. Research is currently underway in improving the accuracy and reliability of this technology so that it can be used more effectively.

Geological engineers are also performing research into which geological factors are important for infrastructure development. Case studies where the underlying geology has been an issue for certain structures (eg. liquefaction in deltas) is being used to develop new techniques for building on areas that are currently risky. Ways to mitigate these risks through engineering practices and also public education are also underway.

Geological engineers are also working with geologists to determine the characteristics of landslides, and use this information to determine slide risk areas near infrastructure, such as portions of the Trans-Canada highway in the Interior of BC. New monitoring equipment is being developed that will give valuable information pre- and post-slide, and may perhaps give advanced warning of an imminent slide.

Geological engineers are also investigating new rock support designs for highway tunnels, where they are using knowledge of the underlying geology to build suitably reinforced supports that will withstand loads. As well, this information is also being used to design better underground mine shafts.

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