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What Geological Engineering Students Learn

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Studying Geological Engineering in Canada

Many geological engineering curricula begin with introductory civil and geotechnical engineering courses to create a suitable background for geological engineering studies. Students take courses in geology where they learn about the basic principles and fundamentals of rocks and minerals, and about other resources such as petroleum, diamonds, and other valuable materials. They study the different types of rocks, where they occur, and what they represent in terms of the underlying geology.

Students also learn about geochemistry, where they learn about radiogenic isotopes, the Earth's mantle, basalts, subduction zones, sedimentary rocks, and continental crust. Geomorphology studies include the analysis of landforms and their applications in engineering and resource development.

Surveying courses are also a staple of geological engineering, where students learn to spatially map the geology of interest, which aids in determining where valuable resources may be residing. They learn how to use survey equipment, GPS's, and remote sensing methods such as satellites to pinpoint resources.

Advanced courses in petroleum geology, precious metal geology, coal geology, and mineral isotopes are also available. These teach the student the characteristics of these resources, where they habitually reside, how to discover them, and how to efficiently extract them.

Most courses involve a laboratory component, so students can use their classroom knowledge to practical applications. Field trips to mining operations, tectonically active areas, and construction sites are also common.

Study and Work in Geological Engineering in Canada

Study Geological Engineering in Canada
What is Geological Engineering? Discover similiar and related programs and universities in Canada offering Geological Engineering degrees.

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