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History Admission Requirements for Canadian Universities

Prequisites and other admission requirements to become accepted to an undergraduate degree, certificate or program in History.

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Prerequisites Needed to Study History in Canada

The admission requirements for an undergraduate degree in history would be those of any Arts program, and as such vary from province to province and from institution to institution. However, a strong academic background in the language of study and high school subjects involving the social sciences is recommended. Since the scope of courses offered from institution to institution varies greatly, it is probably best to have given some thought to one’s area of specialization (e.g. mediaeval history, women’s history) before selecting a university. Students interested in South Asian history, for example, may not find a large selection of courses at all universities.

History related to the Arts (art history, music history, etc.) may be offered as either a B.A. or a B.F.A. In the latter case, admission requirements may be more strict and require students to submit a portfolio of their own work in an artistic discipline. Students interested in this aspect of history should research the distinctions between the two degrees and differing requirements carefully.

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Study History in Canada
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