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Nova Career Centre

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The Nova Career Centre, located at Chateauguay is one of the premium career schools training people for professional as well as secondary level education. It also has the reputation for very high quality teaching and commendable student achievement levels.

The Nova Career Centre is located in Quebec, which is located towards the south of Montréal. The subjects of study that are offered here are Accounting, Administrative Assistant, Automotive Technician, Hair Dressing, Interior Decorating and Display, Residential and Commercial Drafting, Starting a Small Business, Welding Assembly and Pipe Welding. There are many exciting options and you can choose the subject of your specialization. The general academic subjects here offer various job opportunities like that of Finance, Healthcare, Human Resources, International Management, Retail, Sales, Skilled Trades and Technology. The academic environment offers the students a free and healthy atmosphere to pursue their interests so they can develop their skills in combination with that of the teaching skills and benefit from the result.

There are various levels that you can follow while you are pursuing your studies at Nova Career Centre. The first level would be an individual learning program for students who are anywhere between the Secondary 1 to the Secondary 3 levels. There is a full time program for students requiring courses for Professional Education and there is yet another course for students that leads to the Secondary School Diploma (DES) or CEGEP entry. The institute was founded in the 1980’s and is now a very successful centre for high quality student and teacher achievement.

  • Accounting
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Automotive Technician
  • Hairdressing
  • Interior Decorating and Display
  • Pipe Welding
  • Residential and Commercial Drafting
  • Starting a Small Business
  • Welding Assembly

    Program Keywords:
  • Accounting, Bookkeeping and Payroll
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Automotive and Auto Technician
  • Drafting and AutoCAD
  • General Art
  • General Business
  • Hairstylist and Barber
  • Interior Decorating and Design
  • Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Welder and Welding

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    1. Nova Career Centre

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