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Profile of Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts

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Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts

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Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Art aims to provide a compassionate environment for the actor to make it easier for him to face the challenges set before him. The college provides professional training and coach students to give genuine performances. The college offers all-inclusive and exhaustive full-time courses to prepare students for a successful career in films. The college imparts training in audition skills, script analysis, scene work, character research, voice modulation, body movement, and on-camera techniques.

The acting class takes care of all aspects of acting techniques, script analysis, making strong choices, character development, sense memory, high/low status, listening drills, taking actions, subtext, achieving your goals, camera angles and shot sizes, on-set equipment and terminology, matching action and similar others.

The college teaches the students the basic differences between Standard American English and their natural dialect. The American dialect is preferred by most Film/TV producers. The students are taught the various accents of the English language that are in demand in this market: NY, Midwestern, American South and Boston, Standard British, German, Middle Eastern and Russian.

The dramatics arts program includes two seminars - one with a top class agent, and another with a local working casting director. This is a once in a lifetime chance to meet those people in a relaxed atmosphere and talk about anything you want. You can also perform for them and get back their feedback.

  • Acting - Dramatic Arts Program
  • Agent and Casting Director Seminars - Dramatic Arts Program
  • Demo Reel Project - Dramatic Arts Program
  • Dialects - Dramatic Arts Program
  • Improvisation - Dramatic Arts Program
  • Introduction to Acting
  • On-camera Auditioning - Dramatic Arts Program
  • Scene Study - Dramatic Arts Program

    Program Keywords:
  • General Art
  • Theatre and Acting

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    1. Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts

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